In a time where video games have been criticized for their violence and glorification of criminal activity, Rockstar North has done the unthinkable. The company has released a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, including GTA 3, GTA 4, and GTA 5. To be clear, the latest GTA Trilogy is not a new game release but rather an update to one that was already popular on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

GTA Remastered Trilogy Grand Theft Auto 4

Players can now enjoy all those gritty details from these games in high definition as they explore Liberty City or play as Trevor Phillips across Southern San Andreas. Let’s take a look at the remastered GTA trilogy, go over new features and discuss if it is worth playing or owning.

GTA Trilogy Overview

The epic video game series is finally getting a re-release with all three games in the package. As a result, players can expect an upgraded resolution, new artwork, and other tweaks made to each original title, making them more accessible for modern gamers.

In addition, GTA Trilogy will feature two separate discs, one with Liberty City Stories and Vice City. In contrast, the other features San Andreas and an extra disc containing over 100 songs from both previous titles and explicitly added for this re-release. Hence, if you’re looking forward to reliving those good old memories or perhaps creating some new ones, now’s your chance because it has never been cheaper than this!

GTA Remastered Trilogy Grand Theft Auto 4

However, Rockstar released the HD version of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

With everything from new features to improved textures, it took gamers by storm with all its intricacies that made fans long for a re-release of GTAIII as well! The demand was so high that even a petition on managed to reach over 500 thousand signatures until finally, Rockstar announced that they would be giving the green light to release all three GTA games for PS and Xbox.

The Trilogy Comes With New Experiences

-There will be new music added that reflects today’s tunes and new vehicles throughout the map, including all which were not available in previous iterations of GTA. Additionally, the street races have been updated to experience exciting new racing missions on different race tracks based around Lousier City.

Finally, some maps have been made within Los Santos, most notably where additional buildings have been added along with new and updated traffic patterns throughout the city.

GTA Remastered Trilogy Grand Theft Auto 4

– upgraded HD graphics to fit consoles of today’s standards! Grand theft auto trilogy. What new features are to be expected? Now fans can play through all three chapters again on modern consoles, Relive the good times or create new ones with multiplayer capability via an online gaming service.

– new multiplayer modes, such as new deathmatch and race modes; free roam scenarios where players are given a certain amount of time in which they must survive against waves of computer-controlled opponents who become more difficult to defeat with each wave.

-Unmatched freedom through the three worlds filled with rib-tickling characters, actions, and rich cinematic stories.

-Players can count on various control upgrades, including the target and lock-on aiming, fine-tuned achievements, well-enhanced navigations, Trophies, new weapons, and so much more. And, of course, newly upgraded environmental features and gameplay mechanics are sure to dazzle you throughout game time. Also, there are new clothing items, tattoos, haircuts, and other customization options.

Finally, after years of waiting, you can now get your hands on this classic action-adventure game in an upgraded form complete with online multiplayer capability via PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace!

Get ready because there is no stopping how many hours you will be playing these iconic games. Now fans will be able to play through each chapter again on modern consoles and enjoy the fact that this trilogy is finally complete with all three chapters available for purchase! In addition, players will enjoy and experience the blockbusting edition with Xbox Game come November 11.