In a number of tech exhibitions held this year, we witnessed the launch of a huge variety of smartwatches. All these smartwatch manufacturers are trying their best to dominate the market in order to ensure profitable sales of their products. But Google’s parent company Alphabet has come up with one of the most innovative smartwatches of all times. And the irony is that this piece of technology is not up for sale. The Verily smartwatch is Alphabet’s new project on life sciences. The main agenda behind the innovation of this smartwatch is to use it for observation and other such longitudinal health studies. Verily, the life sciences unit of Alphabet is behind the design and creation of this clinical smartwatch. Termed as ‘Study Watch’, the news about it was unveiled on Friday of Verily’s official website.

The Study Watch is Verily’s debut in the field of investigational devices as it’s the first one by the organization. Verily believes that it is crucial to capture health data in a passive manner. This ability helps to set continuous care platforms and clinical research in accordance with the data attained. Study Watch will prove to be a substantial step for the organization as it aims to create tools for unobtrusive biosensing. This smartwatch is nothing close to other such wearables available in the market. The specific purpose of this device is to collect complex data from clinical and observational studies. The team at Verily designed this smartwatch keeping in mind the requirements of high-quality signals and seamless usage. The functionality design is useful to get a feedback from researchers, clinicians, and users.

Verily smartwatch

The Verily smartwatch will not be for sale.

Key features of the Verily smartwatch

The invention of the Verily smartwatch took place to fulfill numerous clinical propagandas. The device comes with multiple environmental and psychological sensors. These are used to measure signals that are relevant to spanning cardiovascular, movement disorders, and other areas related to it. It comes with a considerably long battery life which can last up to one week. This feature is helpful in terms of longitudinal studies for better user compliance. As this device is for observation and research, it needs to store weeks’ worth of raw data. Keeping this in mind, the device has great internal storage that comes with data compression. With the help of this feature, the need to frequently sync the device does not arise.

The Verily smartwatch has a powerful processor which supports real-time algorithms on it. The firmware is specially designed to be durable in case of further extensions. The display of the clinical smartwatch doesn’t time out, it remains on. It has a low power but high resolution with an appealing, sleek look. All the health data stored on this device is encrypted due to security reasons. This encrypted data is then uploaded to the cloud and processed using machine learning tools and backend algorithms. Thus one need not worry about the misuse of his personal health data through this smartwatch. This Study Watch might prove to be extremely beneficial as it has the ability to serve population studies that carry large volumes of data.