There are plenty of smart wearables available that track your runs and help you stay fit more efficiently. But then you have to attach an extra component to go for running. What if your shoes that you wear while running becomes your source for smart running? The Altra Torin IQ is a pair of smart running shoes that lets you run intelligently and provide you live guidance on-the-go to make you a better runner.

With Torin IQ, the Utah-based footmaker takes smart wearables to a next level. Running without any external component has never been smart. Torin IQ embeds high-end running technology that makes your every move worth the yield.

The Torin IQ powered by iFit embeds dual footbed sensors in the mid-sole of the shoes. The razor thin sensors are present in the center of the shoe making it a live running coach. The sensors monitor every run and transmit four important measures for a smart run: landing zone, impact rate, contact time, and cadence right on your smartphone.

The running coach

Altra Torin IQ

It has always been very important to make right moves while you run. Running in the proper manner that gives you the affirmative result is a major concern. There are techniques and levels for the right run as in the time of run, the distance, specific pace that you need to follow, the landing force, the shoe strike and much more. These criteria are different for all according to their level and body measures. In such case, you really need a proper direction to get optimised results for your efforts.

The Torin IQ acts like a coach and monitors your moves, and delivers real-time coaching and feedback via the Altra IQ app connected to your smartphone.

Track your metrics

You can track the impact rate, cadence, contact time and landing zone from the app via sensors that transmits the data. But despite that, you can also track your progress like the time of your run, the pace and the distance you have covered. Not only it guides to improve these specific metrics but also keeps the track of your daily run data for you to refer.

The Altra IQ app

The Altra IQ app breaks down the foot data into sectors like heel, toe, left and right side. Also, there is a built-in audio assistant that conveys the instructions and eventually keeps providing statements of motivation. After you finish your run, it shows you the report of your run. It will also instruct you about the hurdles on the way to protect you from getting hurt while running.

The run needs to be initiated through the app from your phone which is not always suitable. Furthermore, the distance works through GPS system and so the app won’t track your treadmill runs. In this case, the tracking ability is a mere moot and is not really near to replace the wristbands.

The style statement

The IQ pair being smart shoes, does not lack in style statement and provides cool look to head with. The shoes are highly cushioned and a sports footpod outsole ensures your comfort. The sensor’s package present in the sole is good for about 600 miles and the company guarantees the replacement in case if the system fails.

The Altra Torin IQ is a bit pricey with the tag of $220 USD. But it is a good attempt in the industry of smart fitness wearable. The innovative concept is of great use if it can actively direct you to get the best output. We still look forward for some improvements in the updated version like the GPS-based tracking is not so happening for treadmill runs. At this high price tag, we would expect perfection.