Inventions have widely been for the purpose of making life easier and to satisfy the quest for more knowledge. Even before the advent of metalworking around 8,000 BCE, which led to the end of Stone Age, man has always believed in the immortal nature of invention, and every newly developed tool becomes a source to make much better ones.

Artificial Intelligence has been a major part of the new inventions. It has made a tremendous impact since creeping into technology, officially in the 1950s, but with what we have so far, it’s completely right to believe that AI is still at its juvenile stage. That doesn’t rule out how stunning the latest inventions out there could be. Well, identifying all the awesome inventions for a fair rating won’t be easy. Over 243,000 patent applications were filed in 2018, according to a report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). That’s a 3.9% increase over 2017 filing.

We have selected six (6) of the most amazing new tech inventions of 2019 that might intrigue and inspire you, if not eliciting your interest to have them.

CleanseBot – World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

Travl Robot

The use of vacuum cleaner, invented since 1901, is popular on the floor and a few other surfaces. If you have ever thought of how this technology could reach more intimate places like your bed, CleanseBot is designed for you. The portable robot cleaner autonomously disinfects your bed from all the unwanted pathogens, including bacteria like Escherichia coli (E. coli). CleanseBot is designed with 4 ultraviolet lights and 18 AI-powered smart modes to enable the cleaning robot to sanitize the air aside from your bedding.

Weighing less than half a pound, the robot is easy to carry around during those trips. You don’t have to worry about the germs you might be sharing in a hotel bed. Gliding swiftly over and between the bedsheets, the invention will expunge all bacteria within a few minutes. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, CleanseBot doesn’t suck up debris. The built-in UV lights are at a wavelength with disinfectant properties – the C-spectrum often used in hospitals. The 18 AI smart sensors ensure the tiny cleaning robot doesn’t get stuck or fall off a bed.

Smart Buckle – Convert Any Watch into a Fitness Tracker

Smart buckle

Smart wearables have recently dominated the wrist jewelry space, with most of them helping users to track their health, among others. However, some people are yet to give up their love for analog wristwatches. Does this mean they have the option to put their health on the line sometimes to enjoy the vintage love? Smart Buckle solves this problem. Whether you are flaunting the analog wristwatch for the sake of luxury or sentimental value, Smart Buckle gives you the option to still enjoy smart abilities. The amazing watch buckle lets you turn your old watch into a smart fitness tracker by simply attaching it to their strap.

Designed to be compatible with various watch straps, the Smart Buckle lets you analyze daily activities, sleep data, step count and relaying the data through an app available in the iOS and Android platform. Smart Buckle is made with corrosion-free Stainless Steel and the algorithm offers accurate measurements. The buckle is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof to withstand daily use.

NANO1 – World’s smallest Astronomy camera

Nano 1

Most of us are still scheduling to visit… so we can experience the wonders of the sky in more details while those who have had the opportunity never wished the experience should end. You can now have the experience at the comfort of your home without getting yourself a telescope. NANO1 is the invention doesn’t just offer the experience of looking at the sky wonders but allows you to capture the events so you can see anytime you’d like. NANO is the world’s smallest astronomy camera designed to capture more light (25 times) than the human eye. It has a facility to compress an hour-long recording into three minutes and many other features like the Northern Lights.

Featuring an extremely compact design for easy mobility, NANO1 still supports a double mount interchangeable lens system. The built-in capture presets allows you to capture the Milky Way, Moon, Low-light scenes, auroras, etc. The astronomy camera is built to be compatible with many camera lenses, including telescopes and can easily connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for easy sharing on social media.

Padrone Ring – Most Exclusive Mouse Ever

Padrone ring

Trackpads are great on our laptops, but they can’t replace the speed and freedom of movement we enjoy with mice regardless of how sophisticated they can be. However, using a mouse for long is not easy. It can cause pain on the wrist and fingers. Padrone Ring provides the ultimate solution and it’s indeed the magic ring. It’s a small finger ring that serves as a computer mouse. Through low-energy Bluetooth, Padrone Ring connects to any device, replacing scrolling with finger gestures and supporting a variety of clicking. Your fingers serve as the mouse pointer. It connects easily with all Bluetooth-enabled PC, Android, Mac, and Windows tablet, with no software installation required and its latency can be compared to any Bluetooth mouse.

Padrone Ring looks and feels like a jewelry ring offering you full control of your device at your fingertips. Available in 12 different sizes, the ring is waterproof and the battery life can last for an entire day.

Metafly – A robot bird with nature-like behavior


Metafly takes flight experience beyond what drones can offer. The remote-control bionic bird mimics the entire movement of a real bird. Metafly uses a unique flying method referred to as biomimetic to maneuver the sky, exhibiting artificial attributes that replicate the natural behavior. It can fly slow or fast, turn around objects just like a bird. Metafly has a maximum wireless range of 320 feet (100 meters) and can reach top speeds of 11 mph (18 km/h). The artificial bird is crash-proof and designed to withstand impacts. It has an elastic helmet and wings made of liquid crystal polymer, oriented polypropylene, and carbon fiber. It also has bumpers at the front and back to protect its body.

Users are able to control the bionic bird even in very small spaces through a two-channel remote. Interestingly, the thing can be charged remotely using a specially designed powerbank that weighs only 64 grams. That’s over 6 times the weight of the device. It can also be charged by placing it into a dock alongside the remote. Metafly takes about 12 minutes to charge full, for 8 minutes of flying time.

Paladin – World’s Most Affordable All-Metal SLA 3D Printer


3D printing is a technology that fascinates all in different sectors. Aside from using 3D printers to fabricate complex structures, the technology is being used to print buildings, foods, human organs, and anything you can think of. However, at the mention of a 3D printer, everyone imagines a large sum of money it would require to get one. How about a $300 3D printer? That’s Paladin 3D. The compact 3D printing machine is designed for easy operation and setup process. An intuitive control interface and a one-touch start button make the use and operation swift.

Paladin 3D is designed with advanced features such as auto-leveling, air purifying, and auto resin pump. It features an industrial-grade 1080p LCD, has a printing size of 150 x 130 x73mm, XY Resolution of 50μm, Z Resolution of 10μm and a printing speed of 60mm/h.