There are a lot of things that can make an Amazon Echo’s device flash different colors. But if you’re seeing an Alexa red ring or an Alexa purple ring, there might be a problem.

Amazon’s smart speakers are designed to alert users about everything from new messages and calendar appointments to weather updates and other important information. They are like your virtual assistants who attend to your every need. The speakers will also let you know when they are trying to tell you something, and this is where our confusion comes from.

Why is my Alexa blinking different colors?

We’ve all had those moments where our Amazon Echo flashes a rainbow of colors, and we don’t know what it means. Is Alexa getting tired of us? Do we need to change our Wi-Fi password? Or is there just some exciting new feature coming soon that we haven’t heard about yet?

Well, the plain truth is that Alexa blinks those colors for certain reasons and is always trying to tell you something regarding them. So, it’s very important to take note of all the colors and what they mean so you can know what is required when it flashes those colors.

Reasons for Amazon Echo’s Different Colors

Your Amazon Echo can be a helpful little gadget that can do everything from playing music and podcasts to checking the weather reports. But did you know that it also flashes different colors depending on what it’s trying to tell you?

Amazon Echo Alexa blue ring

Here are some common scenarios when your Amazon Echo will flash different colors:

The Alexa Blue Ring and Cyan Ring

Whenever this light comes up on your Amazon Echo’s device, it means that it is waiting and listening for a command from you. It works this way; if it shows the Alexa cyan ring spinning with the Alexa blue ring, it means that it is loading and starting up its system. When the Alexa cyan ring is still on the blue color, it means that Alexa is waiting and listening for your command. To do this, you can simply say “Hello, Alexa!” and tell it what you want. In some other cases, it might be thinking of a reply to your command.

Alexa Red Ring

Usually, the color red means danger or warning. But in this case, Amazon Echo is trying to inform you of a problem. When the Alexa red ring continues to pulse, it means that the Amazon Echo is having issues connecting to the internet. So, it’s best to check your wifi and see if it’s functioning or better still, confirm if the Amazon server is down. When it shows a firm red ring, it means that you might have muted the speaker or camera, and therefore Alexa can’t hear or listen to you. You can respond to this problem by turning off the muted microphone or camera.

Alexa White Ring

When Amazon Echo shows a white ring, it means that the Alexa Guard is turned on. This feature is usually used when you might be leaving your home, so Alexa listens for any problems around your home. Also, it shows when you control the volume on this device. The white ring indicates if it is being reduced or increased.

Alexa Orange Ring

In this case, the Amazon Echo shows an Alexa orange ring because it is in the process of connecting to the wifi. So, you can easily tell that the connection to your wifi is in progress.

Alexa Yellow Ring

When the Amazon Echo’s color is an Alexa yellow ring, it simply means that you might have received a message or notification that you didn’t take note of. In this case, you can say “Alexa, show me my notifications” to listen to the messages or notifications you might have missed.

Alexa Purple Ring

When the Amazon Echo’s color is an Alexa purple ring, it could be for any of these two reasons. The first reason could be that you have turned on the “Do Not Disturb” option for your device. The second involves an Alexa purple ring that continues to pulse, which indicates that there might be an issue with the wifi connection. To resolve this issue, you can check out the wifi and try connecting it to your device again.

Alexa Green Ring

In this case, the device is trying to inform you that you have an incoming call from someone. You can accept the call by telling Alexa to accept the call. When it shows the green ring spinning, it means that the call is ongoing currently.


Amazon Echo’s different colors are not meant to confuse us but to relate to us. Alexa Echo is trying to tell us about something that we might be required to carry out an action for.