The latest Amazon Fire HD 8 is an exquisite tablet from the conglomerate Amazon. It has an eight-inch screen tablet that is super cute and easy to use.

A robust build quality tablet, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is perfect for streaming videos, games for kids, picture books, and Zoom calls. It also has a little faster processor and enhanced RAM in comparison to the 2018 variant.

Amazon Fire HD8: Performance & Features

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is available in 32 GB and 64 GB variants and colors white, blue, black, and purple. The tablet is covered with a robust plastic body that gives it a strong built. The Amazon Fire is powered by a processor of 2GHz quad-core with 1280×800 pixels resolution and 189 Pixels per inch (PPI). There is also a slot to insert a micro SD card and a front and rear camera of 2 megapixels. The device is the first generation of tablets to be able to charge with USB-C. However, a disadvantage is that it doesn’t offer fast charging.

Amazon Fire HD Review

The Amazon HD Fire 8 owns a Mediatek MT8168A chipset that runs with 2GB RAM. The user interface of the tablet is designed to perform decently. However, while scrolling through complex pages, the performance turns very sluggish and glitchy. Playing games on this tablet may deliver mixed reviews. Asphalt 8, which is an older action game, runs smoothly, but a different game Riptide GP 2, had frequent interruptions.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 has Android 9 OS and dual-band Wi-Fi support with decent performance. Its battery life is quite good and promises 12 hours of fully functional capacity. The tablet’s primary concept is the same with large text headers for videos, books, music, games, and Amazon online shopping. There is also a home screen that displays a series of content for the user to enjoy.

Amazon Fire HD 8: Media Sensation

On the bright side, the Amazon tablet’s user interface is easy-to-use and enables users to select and download prime videos easily. Amazon’s app store offers Disney+, HBO GO and NOW, Netflix, Hulu, Starz, Sling, DC Universe, Philo, Showtime services, among many others. The free time services offer content appropriate for kids under 12 years of age with content from Nickelodeon, Disney, Sesame Workshop, and several other cartoon videos and book franchises. The two speakers of the device also work fine for streaming videos and watching TV.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review

Users can connect the tablet with hands-free Alexa, making it a kind of Echo show. The Alexa support can play music, set timers, answer all sorts of questions, and read recipes. The Amazon tablet costs a little less compared to the Echo Show 8 that has excellent sound quality.

Amazon Fire HD 8: Cameras

The front and rear camera of 2 megapixels do an excellent job of video calling. Photos appear dim in low light; however, Zoom calls work fine with adequate lighting. The Amazon Fire HD 8 also serves as an efficient color ebook reader, and its 8-inch screen works fine for children’s books.

Amazon Fire HD 8: Pros

  • Simple user interface
  • Strong and durable body
  • Reasonable price

Amazon Fire HD 8: Cons

  • Multiple ads on the lock screen
  • Amazon apps like Mails and Maps aren’t smooth
  • Limited software selection in Amazon app store

Amazon Fire HD 8 offers an easy to use user interface that can easily stream videos, books, or download videos. If you are looking for a small tablet for kids at a very low-cost price, this is the best option.