A new Amazon Fire TV Omni is here, finally! Nearly a year after the arrival of the very first Omni series, Amazon has done huge upgrades to it in the form of enhancing the scope of QLED technology. The new Fire TV Omni QLED seems exciting enough among the sea of smart TVs out there and calls for a detailed introspection. Let’s delve deeper with it, which has already won hearts for its new ambient experience and the array of new features that it comes with. 

Amazon Fire TV Omni: Unlock Gem of an AV Experience

The new Fire TV Omni QLED from Amazon has many aces up its sleeve apart from the ability to unravel an ambient visual experience. It comes with full-array local dimming and intelligent sensors that allow it to discover you as soon as you enter the room. Within months of its global release, it has fetched extremely positive reviews on different social media platforms. Users have started to label it as ‘Best Buy 75 inch TV’ and ‘Best Buy 65 inch TV’ as both of its variants – the 75 inch one as well as the 65 inch one, are garnering more than decent sales in the initial days itself. Here’s a close look at its salient features and important aspects that set it apart on a different pedestal altogether. 

New Fire TV Omni QLED

The new Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED comes with a fascinating collection of more than 1,500 photos and curated fine art, which include collections from The National Gallery of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago. [Image Credit: Amazon]

A for Art

The moment you enter the room, Amazon Fire TV Omni, bolstered with QLED technology, effortlessly detects you, courtesy of its able sensors. Within a fraction of a second, the TV screen will be filled with some fascinating artworks. There’s an enviable collection of more than 1,500 photos and curated fine art, which include collections from The National Gallery of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago. Though Samsung’s The Frame TVs possess a similar feature, they are not free unlike the new Fire TV Omni QLED by Amazon. 

Enhanced Picture Quality

Firstly, the ambient features are a huge plus. In addition to it, you will have full-array local dimming, aimed at improving contrast and HDR through separately controlling brightness in different areas of the screen. In the case of the 65 inch model, you will be getting 80 zones, whereas the 75 inch model will provide you with as many as 96 zones. 

Thanks to the luminous presence of quantum dots, you will have a better output in terms of brightness and color. Moreover, its advanced Omni QLED technology supports a wide range of HDR including Dolby Vision IQ.  You might not believe it, but its peak brightness in SDR and HDR has been measured at about 575 nits, which is a rarity among the smart TVs at this range. 

Stunning Sound Quality

The overall experience is quite impressive so far as the sound quality of the new Amazon Fire TV Omni is concerned. You must take a note of the in-built Alexa, which makes listening to your favorite numbers absolutely seamless. However, many users have expressed that an addition of a soundbar would enable it to become inch perfect. 

Good for Gaming

With 4K 60Hz and support for variable refresh rate (VRR), the new Fire TV Omni QLED from Amazon, appears to be a perfect companion for next-gen gaming. The fact that it supports an auto-low-latency mode, has driven gamers absolutely crazy. From Freesync/G-Sync certification, to an Ethernet port on board (10/100 connection) and Wi-Fi 6, it ticks all the right boxes for intense gaming. 

In a nutshell, the new Amazon Fire TV Omni with advanced QLED technology, is a great choice as an all-in-one smart TV. The pocket-pinch for the 65-inch and the 75-inch model is $800 and $1100 respectively. You can place your order directly on Amazon’s website.