An extensive Amazon Halo View review was certainly called for. It’s been quite some time since it hit the stores, but more often than not, it gets overshadowed by the more popular fitness trackers like the Fitbit-style View. To be very honest, if we have a close look at this smart, cool fitness tracker, then we will realize that it’s a hidden gem. 

Usually, Amazon is not much associated with fitness trackers. When it comes to the tech-world, we are more familiar with products like Kindle Scribe, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV Omni, Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Fire Tablet

However, the Amazon Halo View does surprisingly well among the sea of fitness trackers. It actually manages to come out with flying colors. These days, there’s no dearth in options, so far as such trendy devices are concerned. But taking everything into consideration – salient features, pocket-inch and overall performance, it manages to edge past the usual suspects by fine margins. 

Let’s have a detailed view of the Amazon Halo View. 

Amazon Halo View Watch

Amazon Halo View Watch [Image Credit: Amazon]

Amazon Halo View Review: Unlock the Essential Tool in Style 

The very first fitness band from Amazon, the Amazon Halo fitness tracker had a major drawback. It didn’t have a screen. In 2022, this is a must. Hence, it didn’t manage to reach decent numbers, when it comes to the sales figures. Cut short to the latest fitness tracker by Amazon, this major issue has been addressed. As the very name suggests, it comes with a screen. The Amazon Halo View is a massive upgrade over its predecessor. For, it doesn’t only come with a screen but the screen happens to be a color touchscreen, aimed for exhibiting health statistics, time and stuff like text messages. 

Thanks to the array of changes, Amazon can now surely lock horns with its fierce rival, Fitbit, in this domain of fitness bands. Another major change that has taken place, is the fact that Amazon has done away with the microphone, which was there in the first version. 

The Amazon Halo View Feedback is extremely positive so far. There are icons for sleep and activity progress, which can be seen on the screen. The tech-savvy people are all praise for the Amazon Halo View specifications. You can seamlessly check your heart rate, activity points, steps taken, calories burned and your sleep score from the previous night. This is indeed a big plus. 

In addition to all these, you can easily access the settings menu, the designated tools app for setting timers, alarms and stopwatches, keep a track of your activity data and exercise modes in a hassle-free manner.

An Absolute Bargain!

The previous Amazon Halo had a price-tag of $100. Many users complained that the features on offer don’t justify its high price. When it comes to Amazon Halo View, it costs you way lower than its predecessor. The Amazon Halo View price is $80. When this smart, cool fitness band was launched, it was up for grabs only at $50. Even at $80, it appears to be a bargain, considering the wide range of features it unlocks. 

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly fitness band, then you can surely go for the Amazon Halo View. You can place your order on the website of Amazon itself.