Amazon, Inc. has announced that it’s going to expand its exciting drone delivery service in College Station, Texas. Orders placed via Prime Air, will be delivered exclusively through the drone delivery facility right at the backyard of the respective customers.

Amazon’s Prime Air: Exclusive Drone Delivery Service

The latest announcement comes as a follow up to its previous declaration, which made headlines a month ago and revealed its decision to start offering drone deliveries in Lockeford, California. With a robust population of 115,000, College Station, Texas is far ahead of Lockeford, which has 3,500 residents, and has significantly more impact for obvious reasons.

According to a statement released by the Seattle, Washington-based e-tail giant, “Customers in both locations will have the option to receive free and fast drone delivery on thousands of everyday items — the largest selection of items to ever be available for drone delivery.” It further clarified that, “Once onboarded, customers will see Prime Air-eligible items on Amazon. They will place an order as they normally would and receive an estimated arrival time with a status tracker for their order.”

Though there has been no confirmation yet regarding the inaugural day of operations, Amazon claims that the automated flying machines would be capable of intelligently surpassing stationary objects like chimneys and flying objects like aircraft.

amazon drone delivery

Amazon decides to expand its much awaited Drone Delivery Service from California to Texas.

Amazon’s Drone – Specifications

The hi-tech carriers will be able to clock a speed of 50 miles per hour while flying and carry a package weighting up to 5 pounds. One might wonder to know that these specially designed drones can traverse up to nine miles, or 15 kilometres to successfully ship your parcel.

Prime Air Amazon Now In College Station

College Station, which is about 100 miles northwest of Houston, houses Texas A&M University – a partner of Amazon in this path-breaking project. Prime Air, the landmark initiative by Amazon, first made it to the headlines in 2013. Due to several factors, its actual arrival got delayed – safety issues, regulatory approval, autonomous navigation, bad weather, cost management hurdle and chalking out a decent manner to deliver packages.

After experimenting with endless prototypes during the prolonged testing period, Amazon finalized drones that use a MK27-2 hexagonal design and has a vertical nature so far as take offs are concerned. They tilt while on air that’s why struts of the hexagonal frame turn into wings that generate lift and improve range, enabling them to fly as high as 400 feet above the ground.

Amazon has already got the nod from the US Federal Aviation Administration, which is a major sigh of relief for the drones meant for simple backyard delivery. The significant partnership between the etailer and Texas A&M University is believed to play a major role in shaping the drone delivery services worldwide. “Being one of the first drone delivery locations for Amazon puts College Station at the forefront of this exciting technology,” Chancellor John Sharp, of the Texas A&M University System, said in a statement. “What happens here will help advance drone delivery for the rest of the country and perhaps the rest of the world.”