In today’s fast-paced world, people are prone to forgetting important tasks or just not being able to manage everything on their plate. But humankind is even adept at developing technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of life. One such iPhone productivity shortcut is Apple’s Remember This iOS shortcut which allows the user to keep track of the priorities of the day and reminds them to attend to them foregoing the menial ones. 

But mastering shortcuts on iOS is not a walk in the park. Users need to refer to iOS shortcut tips, time and again. Here’s a “Remember This” shortcut guide which is available through the iOS/ iPadOS for iPhone and iPad. 

How To Use iOS Shortcuts? Remember iOS Shortcut

Apple has lately created productivity apps for the typically absent-minded ones, all of them who can benefit from the Remember iOS shortcut. 

In one of the latest features of iPhone productivity shortcuts, when activated, the ‘Remember This’ iOS shortcut gives a simple prompt of a textbox to record text or upload a photo for details. For easy access and review, the memory is saved in the Notes app. Whenever the Remember iOS shortcut is launched for the first time in the day, a time-stamped new note is created in the Notes app. 

Remember iOS Shortcut

Image Courtesy – Apple.

The notes can also be uploaded to iCloud if the settings are automatically enabled, which can help you access the reminders from other Apple devices as well.

Once you’ve mastered shortcuts on iOS after setting up the Remember iOS shortcut, even a Siri command or a quick tap can let you memorize iOS shortcuts. Technowize is geared up to provide clarity and the latest iOS shortcut tips.  

Here’s a step-by-step iOS shortcut guide for the Remember This shortcut. 

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts App → select the Gallery icon on the bottom right.

Remember iOS Shortcut

Image Courtesy – Apple Support.

Step 2: Tap on Shortcuts for Accessibility.

Step 3: In the Search Bar, type Remember This. 

Remember iOS Shortcut

Image Courtesy – Apple Support.

Step 4: Find the Remember iOS shortcut under the Wellbeing section → Press the plus icon to download it/ add the shortcut.

Step 5: To store a memory, open the iOS Shortcuts in the bottom menu bar. 

Step 6: Select Remember This shortcut. The iOS shortcut can be added to the Home Screen as well. 

Step 7: Type the text in the dialog box prompted.

Step 8: Choose Done.

Step 9: Tap on Yes or No in the option for including a photo alongside. If No is selected, the memory is saved and completed.

Step 10: If Yes is selected, the camera is launched to click a picture. 

Remember iOS Shortcut

Image Courtesy – Apple Support.

While running the Remember This shortcut from the Shortcuts app is ideal, Technowize recommends adding the iOS shortcut to the Home Screen for easy access.