The Soundcore Life Q30 is crafted with sturdy materials that give it a stronghold over its predecessor. Though it is still plastic and soft vinyl, the headphones have a tighter build fit into the earlier design. There are round earcups that give enough space to fit into the ears. This makes passive background noise inaudible. There are also physical controls on the headphones to control various functions.

There is a useful button located on the left ear cup to play with the active noise cancelation (ANC) and Transparency mode. Additionally, there is the power button to toggle Soundcore Life Q30 on/off and a USB-C charging port beside it. The right ear cup has the play/pause control buttons and the volume buttons. Once you double click the buttons, you can move on to the next track or repeat one track. The right cup also has an NFC chip for quicker device pairing and has its way of toggling ANC/Transparency.

Anker Soundcore Q30 Headphones

Anker Soundcore Q30 Headphones

The headphone set-up process is simple too. The NFC chip on the right ear cup enables efficient pairing, though a person can pair up even through the Bluetooth menu. The Soundcore app is also useful when it comes to accessing features and firmware updates.

Anker Soundcore headphones: Quality

The sound quality is excellent, considering the under $100 price. The sound gives excellent bass with clear vocals and instruments. The Soundcore Life Q30 headphones are specially designed for bass-loving people. The app-based EQ offers 22 presets and an 8-band customizable EQ for the listener.  The ANC has three suitable modes on the app- Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor. Each of the modes is optimized to draw out background noise.  The Bluetooth pairing is excellent and robust, and one can still be connected even after waking away a further distance from the source device. The onboard mics of the Anker Soundcard Q30 are efficient for calls, making the voice calls audible and clear.

Anker Soundcore Q30 Headphones

One of the best characteristics of the headphones is excellent battery life. With ANC off, the Soundcore Life Q30 can give 60 hours per charge. Once it is turned on, it gives good 40 hours. A five-minute quick charge with the USB-C gives an additional four more hours.

Anker gave the Soundcore Life Q30 certification for Hi-res audio, which is an excellent quality in itself.  The Anker Soundcard Q30 is a great value proposition as it is a good quality headphone at such an affordable price range.