Sometimes while surfing the net and or going through the top stories of the day, you come across exciting and eye-catching stories and news. But you fail to read further into it due to shortage of time. For those interesting stories and for you to keep them on the loop for a later thorough read, there are the Best Read It Later apps of 2020.

Most Popular Read It Later Apps

There are several read it later apps available nowadays for you to conveniently store the articles and read them later at your perusal. Some of the significant applications from them include the following:


The ‘Pocket’ application effectively lets you save the favourite articles, blogs, stories, videos as well as links for you to read later. You can read them than at your convenient time and place. There are also customization options where you can set things according to your preference. With the customization option, you can quickly check out the article or the link that interests you the most. Pocket offers unlimited storage capacity, and you can save as many articles/links as you want. You can also listen to the items using the text-to-speech function in Pocket.

pocket name app


With the Instapaper application, one can easily save stories and use the different tools to make the reading experience an enjoyable and wonderful one. You can also customize the themes, fonts and add spaces to the texts as per our choice. It is a way of editing the articles as per your convenience to read. Sort the items you like based on the popularity, publishing date as well as length. You can also create folders and save the material as per the sections. This application also has a text-to-speech feature to be able to listen to the articles.

Instapaper Read It Later Apps

Best Read It Later Apps of 2020

This application is easy-to-use and offers options for managing bookmarks. With this application, one can save anything to read or watch later- be it articles, blogs, links or videos. There are also folder options to keep the articles organized and neat. One can also bookmark the materials to access them faster and better next time. With the connecting facility, you can invite your friends and family to collaborate and read together. app also facilitates synchronizing of the folders and the content. This application also lets you take the support of various languages like English, Armenian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, among others. name


This Read-It-Later application presents the saved articles and videos in a neat, organized and user-friendly way. There is also a facility of in-app browsing which allows you to browse the web in the application itself. There is a built-in PDF converter format whereby you can convert the articles into PDF format. With the InstaWeb application, you can synchronize the articles and videos to Dropbox and Google Drive so that they can be accessed from any device.

InstaWeb Best Read It Later Apps


This speed reader app allows the reader to add ebooks and novels to the collection. There is an enormous library which gives you a list of the content files. You can also adjust the speed and the highlighter size of the application to manage your reading speed. Also, track your reading stats to keep a tab on the reading progress. You can also read stories offline with the offline read feature.

Next time when you brush through an article in a hurry, make sure you have one of these applications to save that and read it at ease later on. Happy reading!