Apple’s new tracking device called Apple AirTag is a unique tool for finding your lost possessions. The AirTag is simple to use and the Precision Finding feature helps you find your lost items faster and in a convenient manner. In this Apple AirTag review, we discuss the main features of this tool and how you can use it in everyday situations. Let’s find out more about it. 

Overall design and usability 

The design of the Apple AirTag is small but good enough to provide great usefulness. You can attach it to your keys, wallet, or any other item that you lose from time to time. If you have an iPhone 11 or above, you can get accurate directions to the item that you have lost. This is possible by using the Find My app. With the feature called Precision Finding, your phone utilizes the camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope to provide on-screen directions to the lost item. You can see the distance from the AirTag and you get accurate feedback when you start looking for the item. 

If you deem that your AirTag is lost rather than misplaced, you can use Apple’s Find My device network and put the AirTag into Lost mode. In this manner, if another device’s user passes by the lost AirTag, you will get a notification about the location. 

You can also assign your phone number to an AirTag, and if another member of the public finds your AirTag, they can call you and let you know about the AirTag location. This is possible only for Apple users, and this could be one of the downsides of the device. There is no option for Android users to use the AirTag options and that is why only the users of iPhone 11 and above can be lucky members of the Apple community. 

The new Apple AirTag is small and disc-shaped, so you can put it in a wallet or bag. If you want to attach it to the keys, you will have to buy an optional key fob or loop. This might cost you additional money and the tracker itself is not the cheapest on the market. 


Apple’s new tracker is very easy to set up. As soon as you unpack it from the original package, you can hear a short beep and the tracker will recognize your iPhone. You will be able to assign the name to the tracker and you will see the item in the items tab on your iPhone. 

When you tap the AirTag item from the items list in Find My app, you will see several options. One of them is Play Sound. It is needed to pass a few moments to hear the sound of the AirTag and these will be three cycles of five electronic beeps. The sound will be loud enough to hear it in the same room or if you place the AirTag beneath the cushions on the sofa. 

This cycle of electronic beeps lasts for seven seconds, which will be enough to find the item in the same room or the room next to it. When your AirTag is placed far away from your phone, you can use the Precision Finding feature which uses Ultra-Wideband radio technology to detect the right distance and direction. These pieces of information are displayed on your phone as feedback and these can be used when you want to find your lost AirTag. 


You should buy an Apple AirTag if you want a precise location of your lost items and if you value your privacy. There is also stylish wear of the AirTag and you can place it in leather or silicone loops and key fobs if you want to spend some more money. Overall, the Apple AirTag is a useful tool for everyone who loses the items often and wants to have a piece of mind when an item needs to be found.