Apple Inc on Thursday announced its investing $300 million in China to fund the provision of renewable energy resources to suppliers, Apple said in a statement. The project, which represents Apple’s commitment to increase the volume of renewable energy in its supply chain and to address climatic change, would power up to 1 million homes in China.

The U.S. tech giant said the project will involve 10 initial suppliers alongside Apple, jointly investing almost $300 million for a period of four years into the China Clean Energy Fund. The renewable energy projects from the fund could generate more than 1 gigawatt of clean energy in the country.

Cutting pollution has been made a key priority by China’s government, pressuring both local and international companies to assist in cleaning up the nation’s polluted soil and waterways while also reducing high levels of smog currently in China’s major cities.

Apple makes most of its products does around the world in China, including those shipped to the U.S. China is also one of Apple’s most lucrative end market, though the US firm is increasingly losing it’s grip of the smartphone market to local rivals

Renewable energy has long been part of Apple’s corporate DNA

For many years now, Apple has been harnessing clean energy sources for its data center in North Carolina. The tech giant debuted recycling robot Daisy in April, a device that can disassemble old iPhones. Apple has also announced powering its facilities across 43 nations with 100% renewable energy. It has also focused on cutting down greenhouse gas emission in its supply chain, working with aluminum suppliers in the US and Canada.

In 2015, Apple launched the Supplier Clean Energy Program. The tech company alleged the program, which has 23 manufacturing partners onboard and operating in over 10 different nations, would generate over 4 gigawatts of clean energy in addition to its globally generated clean energy by 2020. That will represent “one-third of Apple’s current manufacturing electricity footprint,” the company wrote.

Apple Renewable energy

A photovoltaic facility in Sichuan province, China contributes to Apple’s 100 percent clean energy profile. Source: Apple

China is gradually moving towards clean energy sources as energy demand in the country experience a steep growth, thanks to efforts by the Chinese government. China’s reliance on coal is going obsolete in the past several years as renewable energy sources gradually find space in the country’s energy sector and the government has done more in making this a reality, said inaugural fellow David Sandalow of Center for Global Energy Policy, Columbia University.

The resources involved to transition into clean energy is widely known as the major challenge facing smaller companies in China, despite the heights of the campaign for transition and their hunger to do so. Apple is hoping the scale of the China Clean Energy Fund could afford the participation of smaller companies the platform to pivot towards renewable energy.

Participants in the first phase of Apple renewable energy project in China will include Catcher Technology, Corning Incorporated, ICT Pegatron, Wistron, Compal Electronics, Golden Arrow, Sunway Communication, Solvay, Luxshare-ICT, and Jabil. A subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, DWS Group will manage the China Clean Energy Fund.