Apple has a reputation of making an appearance in the party late, be it the launch of a smartphone, music devices, or the tablet. Despite the launches being late, we have observed that they are usually impressive. A number of times, the wait is worth it. Apple has the expertise to turn the already existing technology into something even better with the help of its command over innovative technology. Tech-giants such Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have already showcased their Augmented Reality game at various conferences. Now Apple has come into the picture by hosting a massive conference to discuss its AR plans and announced the Apple AR Kit.

Apple’s sudden entry in AR

The latest innovation by Apple is in the field of Augmented Reality. AR is the future technology that superimposes digital data and visuals in your real surrounding. With the announcement of the Apple AR Kit for iOS 11, Apple makes a move for developing the futuristic technology which the potential competitors have already demonstrated.

Apple strongly claims that it can transform mainstream technology in such a manner that it would attain global prominence through their iPhones and iPads. Millions of iPhone users will expect that AR will be a part of the iOS 11 rollout. There is no specific criterion that this latest OS will be available only in the upcoming high-end Apple iPhones. Majority of the current iPhone owners can upgrade to iOS 11.

Apple AR Kit

Apple, at WWDC, unleashed AR as a potential feature on the upcoming iOS. The Apple AR Kit is an extensive set of tools for the iOS developers to develop apps based on Augmented Reality. Through the presentation on the AR Kit, Apple proved that it’s not lagging behind in terms of AR. For such innovations in the future, the tech giant is giving all it could to not keep iOS users abandoned from the high-end tech.

With the beta version of the iOS 11 already released, many developers have shown potential demos developed with help of Apple’s AR tech. AR-based measuring tape and Minecraft are the latest AR apps developed through the AR Kit.

Apple leapt ahead in the AR game

Apple’s AR demos are at par with Google’s Tango. But what sets Apple apart is that their users don’t need any extra hardware on their phones. Unexpectedly, Apple’s AR works efficiently using only the single camera of the iPhone. However, Apple says that the integration of the second camera will soon be possible which may enhance the AR results.

Coming to Google’s AR, the users will need an extra and expensive sensor on their phones. The users have to buy those specialized handsets to activate AR on their smartphones.

Those millions who already own iPhones are capable of using the AR technology. We can presume that with the launch of this update, all new iPhones and iPads will support AR.

Giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Snapchat also have their hands on AR. But as they do not have any popular hardware of their own, they have to face tough competition from Apple and Google. Their technology needs to be extraordinary to beat the rest.

Apple’s recent moves in AR

Apple iOS 11 is coming this September. Apple still has time to further develop their AR platform. Dedicatedly, Apple now is showing that they are in the AR game whereas till last month they showed no development in the same.

Today, the iPhone-maker confirmed the acquisition of a German computer vision startup SensoMotoric Instruments, reports Axios. The company mainly develops high-end eye tracking tech that can be used to develop AR and VR headsets and glasses. This acquisition could help Apple develop AR software for the future iPhones or their own standalone AR hardware.