There are two kinds of hacks that take place in the world. The first is of a professional kind when a hacker gets access to all your information using complex means. The second kind is when anyone can hack into your system and get away with your personal details. While the first one cannot be controlled, the second one is scandalous because even a child with no computer skills could hack your computer. The recent Apple bug belongs to the latter kind.

The Apple Bug

The new operating system of Apple in the market is dubbed High Sierra. But it is difficult to keep high expectations from the new macOS. The High Sierra seems to be having a huge security flaw which gives access to any random person who logs in. So all one needs to do is click on the “other” option that comes on the login screen and then enter “root” as the “username.” Press “unlock” twice and voila! No need for a password and there you have logged into that person’s computer.


Apple’s macOS High Sierra comes with major issues that allows anyone to hack your computer.

Based on OS X, there’s a Unix-based operating systems that has managed to build a superuser named “root.” This “root” is able to get complete access to all the commands and files in a computer. “Root” is considered to be highly powerful and therefore IT does not advise it for administrative access. This being the greatest loophole, can make people skeptical for going in for such a system. The dangers that it brings along cannot be neglected whatsoever.

The IT team from Slate found the bug issue on Tuesday evening. They made use of it to get access of a computer that was running on this particular OS. The access was possible not only through the login screen but also from the ‘Users & Groups’ setting. Even after disabling the root user in the settings the bug is capable enough of surpassing that. So all those who think they are safe and need not worry, need to think twice.

Why we need to fear it?

It is not difficult to understand the issues that this bug could cause. One needs no password to hack into your computer and that is a reason big enough as any to fear the bug in High Sierra. The fact that anyone could log in, even remotely, and manipulate or make use of the data stored on your computer is frightening. The hacker could even change or reveal your passwords. The bug can help someone take full control of your computer and claim that they own it. One does not require the knowledge of hacking to get into your system. These combined are the most terrifying part about this particular bug.

Any solutions?

In order to address the Apple bug issue, those whose computers run on macOS High Sierra, must assign a password to “root.” This will help you fight those unauthorized parties who try their hands at getting into your system. In order to make the necessary changes, one needs to open the ‘Directory Utility’ app and click on the ‘Edit’ menu in the toolbar. Click on the ‘Change Root Password’ and type in a new one for the same.