iPad ProAs a part of a fundraiser for London’s Design museum, Apple is featuring one-of-a-kind 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Smart Cover, and Apple Pencil and holder. The products were donated by Jony Ive and the Apple Design team, which only intend to produce a single piece of the products in these colors.

iPad Pro & Accessories for Charity Auction

The one-of-a-kind iPad Pro will be one of the 39 items featuring in the upcoming “Time for Design” auction being held by the Design Museum, in collaboration with Philips, to fund their move this year to Kensington. The Design Museum focuses on “affordably priced design objects.”

Apple’s products all appear to be made of the same materials. The only difference being is their color – the one-of-a-kind iPad Pro is greenish yellow, the Smart Cover made from a cobalt blue French leather and the Apple Pencil is made from a fiery orange Italian calf leather case. The Pencil also sports a gold band around the top, a feature unique to this model. The iPad Pro’s back and the Smart Cover are embossed with the words “Edition 1 of 1.”

Unique and exclusive customized design by the Apple Design Team for Time for Design.

Jony Ive showed a prototype mobile phone at the Design Museum in 1990, long before he started working for Apple. He was winner of the museum’s first ‘Designer of the Year’ award in 2003 for the iMac. To support the museum, he and his team in Cupertino have designed this special iPad Pro in a unique color numbered Edition 1 of 1.

Philips, the auction house handling the sale, expects to raise between $14,200 and $21,300. It will be available to bid on starting April 28, 2016. Apple has donated specially designed items for charity auctions several times in the past, including a red Mac Pro and solid gold EarPods, among other items.