The HomePod mini device is an upgrade from the original HomePod in many ways with excellent audio quality and Apple compatibility.

Apple HomePod Mini: Design

A HomePod mini is a cute gadget at 3.3 inches tall and a flat bottom and top. It is comparatively much smaller than the Echo and the Nest Audio devices and comes with a fabric cover, rubbery bottom, and a glossy plastic top. The top side lights up in white when the speaker is functioning and displays a multi-colored Siri swirl when talking back with the user. The audio controls can be handled by tapping at the center with volume up-down controls offset from the middle. The touch-sensitive portion on the top is relatively smaller than the original HomePod. The HomePod mini comes with a fitted braided power cable emerging from the back and connecting the device to an included USB-C adapter.

HomePod Mini: Setup

The setting up process of the HomePod minis is easy. Users will need to plug in the speaker and bring their iPhone or iPad near the HomePod mini, and the device will automatically detect the device and guide the listeners through the setup process. One will have to confirm using the HomePod mini with the Apple ID and Apple Music account, and it will automatically sync.

Apple HomePod mini-series and features

Once the device is set, users can ask the HomePod mini to play music from their Apple Music account. The HomePod mini has four microphones, which efficiently supports Siri voice assistant and can communicate effectively with it.

HomePod Mini: Audio quality

The HomePod mini has lesser advanced speaker hardware with a single full-range driver and two passive radiators that enhances the bass. There is also an acoustic waveguide that pushes out the audio in 360 degrees. The HomePod mini sounds excellent as it produces audio with vocal clarity, and the passive radiators also produce strong bass, in its minimal size. The HomePod mini produce much better sound in the stereo play with enhanced clarity and superb volume and bass.

HomePod Mini: Siri Sync

In the HomePod mini, Apple improved the software capabilities and Siri as well. It also added voice recognition, wherein the user can use the “personal requests” feature without worrying that other users will access the owner’s data. Smart home control devices like light bulbs, thermostats, locks, outlets, cameras, and more are synced with Apple’s HomeKit protocol. According to Apple, at present, 100+ brands are in sync with HomeKit, and there is also a vast list of compatible accessories mentioned on the company’s site.

Another new HomePod mini-feature is the Intercom, where Siri interprets the commands and broadcasts that message to any HomePod speakers located in the house. Users can easily send intercom messages through Siri on an iOS device and the HomePod mini.

HomePod mini: Additional features

Apple fixed one of the most significant original HomePod in the HomePod mini- third-party music support. The HomePod mini can sync with music-streaming services apart from the Apple Music app. Though the device can support only Pandora as of now, Apple also showed off Amazon Music integration when it initially announced the HomePod mini device.

The HomePod mini is a much cheaper device than the first HomePod, which is why it will be more favorable to buyers.