We recently informed you about the launch of the Apple HomePod at the annual event of the tech giant, WWDC 2017. Except for its price, the presentation of the gadget seemed very appealing at first. Especially if a gadget is connected with the identity of Apple, it automatically becomes attractive. This may have been the case with this smart speaker as well. What was advertised as one of the most intelligent speakers possible turned out to be a hoax. When tech critics analyzed the speaker from all angles, they came across the observation that the piece of technology had a number of drawbacks. Such loopholes in technology can restrict the gadget’s performance.

HomePod served as an entrance for Apple in the world of smart home speakers. Along with this speaker is a HomeKit which is an even advanced version. The sound quality in this is premium and Siri focuses on music over all other smart home roles. This is a clear indication of the importance the tech giant has given to music. However efficient the technology of a speaker may be, it is useless if there are no music tracks to play. In the Apple HomePod, the music is imported only from Apple Music. The company thought that it would give an exclusive feel but instead, it backfired. This is because Apple Music can’t keep up with Spotify.


HomePod served as an entrance for Apple in the world of smart home speakers.

Does lack of Spotify reduce the value of Apple HomePod?

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular music portals in the entire world. The music portal is confidently expanding its reach to Asian countries like China as well. This itself gives us an idea that the company is on a growth spree. If billions of users in the world are relying on Spotify for their musical demands, this means that there must be something special on the app. Spotify offers the widest and also exclusive range of music in a convenient manner. This has resulted in global fame for the company. But Apple has not given the user the liberty to download Spotify on its smart speaker.

If we look at statistics, then Spotify is way ahead than Apple Music. Apple had announced that since the inception of Apple Music, it has 27 million users. On the other hand, Spotify has a consistent growth rate with 50 million users currently. Such a gap might cause a problem to Apple HomePad in terms of sale and international popularity. This smart speaker is definitely superior in terms of technology but if it does not give the user the liberty to collaborate the speaker with any other source of music, then it might lose its appeal in the market.