The most awaited Apple iPad Air 4 review is here. Is Apple’s mid-range device the one to buy? Let’s find out!

Apple’s iPad Air 4 is the best device in the iPad line-up with its reasonable price and functionality. It is the fourth -generation variant of the iPad Air and is thin and fast.

Apple iPad Air 4 : Revamped and colorful redesign

The iPad Air 4 is similar in looks to the iPad Pro with a squared-off modern design. The screen has a Liquid Retina display, curved corners, and smaller bezels than the predecessor iPad Air and a 10.9 inches display with 2360×1640 pixel resolution and 264 PPI. However, despite the large screen, the iPad Air 4 is compact and easy to carry.

One of the most significant changes in the new variant is the shift from Lightning to USB-C, which facilitates connecting multiple devices like external USB-C 4K displays, printers, USB-C hubs with multiple SSDs, SD cards, and wired Ethernet. Users can also connect their camera with a USB Type-C if the camera supports it.

Apple iPad Air 4 Review

Image: Apple iPad Air 4

Another remarkable improvement is the shift to the second-generation Apple Pencil. The second-gen Apple Pencil can be charged with USB-C and has enhanced features like the matte finish, wireless charging, and an enhanced and more comfortable grip. Users can also tap the side end of the second-generation Apple Pencil to alternate between the controls.

The Apple Pencil 2 also connects itself to the iPad Air’s edge and can be charged wirelessly. Also, when placed on the charger, it lets the user the remaining battery percentage.

Apple iPad Air 4 Review

The iPad Air 4 doesn’t have a Face ID but has a renewed version of the Touch ID. The biometric sensor is replaced with the sleep/wake button.  During the setup process, the iPad Air 4 also guides users through enrolling their finger with Touch ID. Unlocking the iPad Air 4 with Touch ID is much more comfortable- click the button, wake the iPad Air, and immediately read the fingerprint.

On pressing the finger for around a second, the device will “open” the iPad and take users to the Home screen. The iPad Air 4 also supports Wi-Fi 6, has an upgraded 12MP rear-facing camera that can shoot perfect 4K video, and enhanced speakers.

Apple iPad Air 4 : Performance

In terms of performance, the iPad swiftly opens applications, multitasks, and bounds the UI like superb. When it comes to performing basic tasks, the iPad Air 4 is the most responsive iPad ever.  It has the A14 Bionic processor, a six-core chip with a base clock speed of 2.99GHz, and 4GB of RAM.  So the iPad Air 4 has a faster clock speed than the iPad Pro. The iPad Air 4, as of now, is the most powerful iPad Apple has so far created.

Apple iPad Air 4 : Productivity

 If a person wants a tablet primarily for work, the iPad Air 4 is a perfect choice. This generation iPad Air also supports Magic Keyboard that enables faster and comfortable typing with a backlight to type at low lighting. The integrated glass trackpad also makes the text editing easier and navigation better.

IPad Air 4 is an excellent device for people who want a balance between price and performance.