As the launch date for the iPhone 15 lineup draws near, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement. According to various reports, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max release date is expected to be in September. While an exact date is yet to be confirmed, industry insiders speculate that the event will likely take place on September 12 or 13. This aligns with Apple’s tradition of hosting their annual iPhone launch events in early to mid-September.

Reported Date of Release for Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple is expected to introduce its latest iPhones soon, however, according to a new report, the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be delayed.

A sensational upgrade to the Apple iPhone 15 Pro has been revealed in a recent leak, according to David Phelan of The new Pro model of the iPhone 15 is expected to feature an improved design and upgraded components that are sure to make a splash.

What Alterations Are Occurring?

In the beginning, the only thing that appears to stand out is the time of the upcoming Apple event. On Tuesday, September 12 at 10 AM Pacific, the event will take place in the form of a pre-recorded keynote. Attendees will be present in the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino, while those who can’t attend will be able to watch it online.

Apple is reportedly going to hold a special event during the upcoming week, with Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday, August 31 being the potential dates.

Apple’s keynote will reveal the arrival of four new iPhones and two Apple Watches. The iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro will be available to purchase starting Friday, September 22, with pre-purchase opportunities likely being open the prior week commencing Friday, September 15.

iphone 15 pro max release date

Image of previous model iPhone 14 Pro (Image Credit: Apple)

It appears that a new Apple Watch Ultra 2 could be on the way according to a recent leak, with a design that is sure to drop jaws. 

Although the iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to be postponed, according to a major equity analyst note reported by 9to5Mac, a component exclusive to this model has an insufficient amount, thus making its arrival date be from the beginning of October to the middle of the same month. All four phones will be disclosed together, and Apple may have some supplies, which would mean no different release date for the Pro Max.

What is causing the wait?

The cause for the postponement is an image sensor from Sony which won’t be included in the iPhone 15 Pro. It is speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will include a periscope camera for its telephoto lens. As is known, this kind of camera does not appear and disappear from the camera body, though it would be amusing if it did. Instead, it utilizes mirrors to direct the light into the phone body, thus increasing the focal length. This implies that the telephoto lens has a zoom capability which is higher than the 3x found in the current Pro iPhones.

This isn’t the initial occurrence of the Pro and Pro Max being distinctive from one another, and disparities in the cameras of iPhones are nothing out of the ordinary. Apple categorizes the Max as the most advanced, in addition to the largest and most expensive iPhone.

What Is The Expected Time Frame for Delivery?

It appears that a three- to four-week wait is expected for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the potential for it to go on sale on either October 6 or 13. Consequently, it is likely that Apple will dedicate a specific date to the Max’s launch at the keynote. Needless to say, any tardiness is not preferred.

It’s August 26 and all eyes are on Apple, as people are speculating not only about when the phones will be released, but also when the special event will take place, which is essential in order to know what the new iPhones and Apple Watches will be.

Rather than focus on what Apple will be announcing, the attention is now on the day they will release invites for the special event. In other words, the spotlight is on the day when the tech giant will reveal the product that will be available for purchase in the future.

Zac Hall from 9to5Mac recently shared his estimation of the date of the upcoming Apple event. It appears that the widely-held belief of it being on Tuesday, September 12th and the phones going on sale on Friday, September 22nd has been confirmed. 

Apple typically releases their news prior to the start of the major electronics show in Berlin, IFA, which makes August a more attractive option than September.

As of now, it appears that Tuesday, August 29th or Wednesday, August 30th are the most likely days to be aware of (so don’t forget to write it down in your calendars). This is based on our own experience from covering Apple for many years. The company has not made any announcements regarding the matter.