The year is slowly drawing to a close but Apple is not done with the market yet, with a new Mac 2023 launch rearing to go. Apple’s recent iPhone 15 launch was a success, despite a few hiccups about its fragility and overheating issues drawing some attention for some time. Earlier still, Apple’s January 2023 release of new MacBook Pros, 14-inch and 16-inch models, was also a decent update to their laptop line. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared his insight on a possible 30 or 31 October announcement for Apple’s new Mac in 2023.

Apple is Not Done with its Releases: Rumors of a new Mac in 2023

Official iMac promotional image from the 2021 launch. (Image credit – Apple)

What We Know About the New Mac 2023

According to the new iMac 2023 rumor, Apple is planning to launch a new 24-inch ‌iMac‌ model to close the year. This could be a much-needed upgrade since the 24-inch iMac models have not seen any upgrades since its 2021 launch. The new Mac in 2023 should finally see an update of its chipset, moving away from the M1 tech it has held on to since its launch. The Power On newsletter edition by Gurman did not specifically mention which chip the new Mac would feature, but outlets like The Verge indicate it could be a jump to M3 instead of moving just one step up.

As Chief Correspondent for Bloomberg and an Apple insider, Gurman’s predictions are highly reliable, and Apple’s new Mac in 2023 is almost a certainty. He reports that trying to order the iMac, 13-inch MacBook Pro, or the higher-end Pro models currently would show a shipping freeze until the end of November, possibly a sign of Apple prepping the market for its next launch. These estimates are also based on Apple’s delay in reporting their quarter earrings, which was previously delayed only for a launch. 

New MacBook Pros and Other Updates

Little is known about the new Mac in 2023 but it is unlikely that it will see any major upgrades or features other than the M3 chipset. Apart from Apple’s new iMac in 2023, Gurman has also tweeted his estimates for 2024 and what Apple watchers should keep their eyes out for. He reports that Apple is expected to deliver on new iPads in March, with Air, Mini, and Pro models. The iPad has not seen an update since 2022 and the company has likely been filling up the wait time with accessories like the Apple Pencil. There is also potential for new MacBook Air models in 2024 and a Pro iMac 32-inch version in early 2025—possibly the biggest iMac in the company’s history. 

Apple’s new Mac in 2023 will likely be followed by the next major launch of the Apple Vision Pro in early 2024, but no dates have been confirmed as yet. After the initial announcement in June, Apple appears to be on track with their road map so users can likely start preparing themselves for the mixed reality headset.

Apple and AI: What’s Next?

Apart from hardware launches and new devices, Apple is also doing a lot of work with generative AI. To keep up with the changing market, tech companies must rush to embrace and employ AI in their services effectively. Apple’s internal chatbot Apple GPT, and their united efforts to upgrade Siri are other important updates to look forward to, other than the more immediate update on the new 2023 iMac. The company is reportedly working on AI integrations into Apple Music, AppleCare, Xcode, Pages, etc. Apple’s Large Language Model, Ajax, has been at the forefront of their AI efforts and appears to be a core component of the innovation in AI being spearheaded by the company. 

With so many products scheduled for launch and the parallel work being done in AI and its vast use case, Apple appears determined to stay on top of its game, scheduling updates for its customers every few months. So far, enthusiasts have enjoyed most of Apple’s product releases but the new iMac in 2023 and its successors next year will tell us if the quality will hold up against the quantity.