Apple is currently offering users bonus in extra cash when they transfer funds to their Apple ID account, reports MacRumors. The Apple bonus, which comes as a 10 percent business credit, received when users transfer money from their credit or debit card to their Apple account will reportedly last until March 14, 2019.

Apple users can add funds to their accounts through their phone’s settings and then iTunes & Apple Store. To access the information and the Apple bonus grading, you will need to click on your Apple ID and select Add Funds to Apple ID on that screen. This selection will display the user’s balance and announce the bonus ranking based on the amount transferred. For instance, users will receive a dollar as a bonus for adding $10 and will receive $10 when they add $100, and the maximum amount users can add for a bonus is $200. By selecting any of the options, the process will initiate the menu for payment with Touch ID.

Desktop iTunes users are also eligible to receive the Apple bonus. To initiate the process, users will need to go to Account and select on the page called Apple ID Account, where there’s an option to add funds. While iPhones will prompt the Touch ID or password confirmation when you select an option, clicking on one of the options in a desktop will automatically add money to your account without a confirmation.

However, there’s an important thing to note. You can only add funds and receive the bonus once. While you have the option to add money to your account as many times as you want, only the first time will reward you with bonus, subsequent payments won’t be eligible for the bonus. In addition to that, users must have a valid payment method attached to their Apple ID account before they can use this feature.

The promotion started on the 10th of March in the US and also available in other countries, with Germany Apple users entitled to a 15 percent bonus. According to MacRumors, Apple bonus is currently not available in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

The bonus is totally free money available for App Store, iTunes, and iCloud purchases. For anyone that has been planning to buy an app or album, this could be a very good opportunity to receive more.