Apple has announced the availability of new software, the VisionOS software development kit for enabling Apple’s global developer community to build groundbreaking content for the Vision Pro. The Apple Vision Pro SDK will be available for at least a year before the headset goes live for sale in the US for $3,500.

Vision Pro is the world’s first spatial computer which features VisionOS and lets users interact with digital content in the most natural way possible – using their hands, eyes, and voice. 

Apple Vision Pro’s spatial development will be able to take full advantage of the boundless canvas in Vision Pro to synthesize a new class of spatial computing apps and digital content with the physical realm, seamlessly. Apple Vision Pro’s developer tools will be powered to design novel app experiences across multitudes of categories such as gaming, design, productivity, and more. 

Apple Vision Pro SDK

(Image Courtesy – Apple)

The tech giant reckons on the developers’ interest to build the hype around the system, after it didn’t receive a rave response at its unveiling at the WWDC, earlier this month.

Create Spatial Experiences With Apple Vision Pro SDK

For years of AR and VR development, content has been an ‘apple of discord’. No wonder Apple is ready to capitalize on a stocked App Store even before the system arrives early next year. 

In July, the tech giant is slated to open Apple developer labs for Vision Pro SDK in Cupertino, Munich, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Apple SDK for Vision Pro will allow developers to get their hands on testing apps on the Apple Vision Pro hardware and gain the support of the in-house engineers. Vision Pro’s developer tools will also enable teams to build, iterate and test on the Apple Vision Pro.

The main blight of developers was to seldom have a moment with an extremely expensive and yet-to-be-launched headset. 

“Apple Vision Pro redefines the possibilities of a computing platform. Using powerful frameworks they already know, developers can start building visionOS apps and design all-new experiences for their users.”

The tech company believes that creating spatial experiences with Apple Vision Pro will unlock newer opportunities for developers to imagine new ways to help their users be productive, enjoy, and connect. Apple’s developer labs for Vision Pro SDK will span across a spectrum of immersive content – windows for depth and 3D content; volumes for being viewed from any angle; and spaces that can be unbounded for 3D content. 

Apple Vision Pro SDK

(Image Courtesy – Apple)

The visionOS SDK is constructed to be mounted on top of conformable operating systems by using familiar dev tools such as Xcode, RealityKit, SwiftUI, TestFlight, and ARKit. 

“Manufacturers can use AR solutions to collaborate on critical business issues by bringing interactive 3D content to life, from a single product to a whole production line. 

Just as system default settings load apps into the Shared Space, apps can use windows and volumes to display content. Inside the Full Space, infinite 3D content can be created, which opens a portal for immersive experiences. 

Some of the Apple Vision Pro SDK apps include Complete HeartX and Djay. Developer tools from the software development kit with Complete HeartX will aid medical students in real practice – using hyper-realistic 3D animations and models. Complete HeartX can visualize medical issues like ventricular fibrillation, helping them use their knowledge to solve them. Djay can be used by beginners and seasoned professionals – it transforms users with a stupendous environment to automatically respond to the mix.