Apple Mixed Reality Headset has been on the cards for quite long and if the latest reports are to be believed then it would be a reality soon. Last year, in our special feature on the new Apple products that could be unveiled in 2023, the Apple MR Headset was a major highlight. 

In the past, we have seen Meta, which owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, to try its luck in metaverse devices. The Meta Quest Pro was unveiled during the Meta Connect 2022, back in October. And there are strong rumors about the Meta Quest 3 arriving in the market soon. However, these metaverse headsets from Meta Platforms Inc. didn’t get much fanfare from tech nerds across the world.

Hence, all eyes are on the Apple Mixed Reality Headset, which could well drop during the Apple WWDC 2023 in the month of June, if we decide to buy the rumors doing the rounds. Let’s go deeper to find out what’s in store so far as the most-awaited device from Apple is concerned. 

Apple Mixed Reality Headset: The Wait Seems Over

Apple is always known for ‘Think Different’. They changed the scene upside down almost whenever they rolled out a new device — it happened with iPhone, which now has an Emergency SOS via Satellite feature (in iPhone 14), it happened with iPods and it seems something that’s in the blood vessels of the Cupertino-based tech-giant. 

Apple MR Headset

All eyes are on the Apple Mixed Reality Headset, which could well drop during the Apple WWDC 2023 in the month of June. [Image Credit: Freepik]

Despite Meta failing to hit the bull’s eye after quite a few shots at it and incurring huge losses, the metaverse seems to be the future for many big tech-players. Apple, which only comes a close-second to Amazon, in terms of brand value ($297.51 billion and $299.28 billion respectively), is one among the many companies who are spending a lot and eyeing it big with metaverse products. 

The Apple AR/VR headset rumors have gained significant fuel in recent times. Let’s take a look at the rumored Apple VR headset specs and the possible Apple VR headset apps —

  • It would mark the first-ever product from Apple in the metaverse category.
  • There could well be a whole-new operating system called ‘RealityOS’.
  • The product could be introduced not as ‘Apple Mixed Reality Headset’ or ‘Apple MR Headset’, but as ‘Reality One’ or ‘Reality Pro’.  
  • Earlier the Apple AR/VR headset rumors were indicating that there would be an M2 chip. But now, we might also see the M2 Pro & M2 Max, which were introduced this year itself. 
  • Going by whatever we have learned so far, we could fairly expect the price of the Apple Mixed Reality Headset to be steep, somewhere around a jaw-dropping $3,000. However, it can touch the mark of $3,500 too. 
  • We could also see the best Apple apps like Freeform, to have a new mixed reality counterpart. 
  • Apple is also reported to be working on a mixed reality variant of its browser, Safari. 
  • There could be a new Fitness+ version for the upcoming Apple MR Headset.
  • In all likelihood, most of the iPhone and iPad apps will be having their mixed reality variants, compatible with the new Apple Mixed Reality Headset.
  • FaceTime and Apple TV will also find their new versions in the much-awaited metaverse device. 
  • To make the most of the metaverse offerings, gaming will be a central feature. 

In a nutshell, the device would appear simply irresistible. However, the seemingly exorbitant price-tag might drive away the crowd and end up only catering to a niche audience. 

The Apple AR/VR headset release date is not confirmed yet. But don’t get surprised if you find it getting unveiled during the grand occasion of this year’s WWDC in June. 

It would be extremely interesting to see how the game of metaverse changes, once Apple arrives on the scene. Meta has every reason to be put on guard.