Apple has launched a dedicated in section in Apple News app that will feature only verified political stories in light of 2018 Midterm Elections. Apple News editors will curate the news and features published in diverse trusted sources and then will publish in its new section.

The key point over here is that Apple is taking help of some artificial intelligence based algorithm to curate the news, but it will be done by real humans. Though, this is not a new concept for the Cupertino giant.

The human curation underpinned Apple News since its launch three years back. Apple has employed a dedicated team of editors to discover, analyze and spotlight the stories that are based on genuine information and comes from authorized sources.

2018 Midterm Elections

The 2018 Midterm Elections feature is for casual readers and political enthusiasts alike, with breaking news and special features curated by Apple News editors. Source: Apple

“Today more than ever people want information from reliable sources, especially when it comes to making voting decisions,” said Lauren Kern, editor-in-chief of Apple News.

The 2018 Midterm Election section in the Apple News will allow readers to get access to timely and trustworthy reporting relating to politics. They could follow the most recent on elections with breaking news, exclusive highlights, and analysis from trustworthy sources chosen by Apple News’ expert team of editors.

The 2018 Midterm Elections Section in Apple News will remain active till November this year.

In the 2018 Midterm Elections Section

In the news app, readers can quickly scroll through the most relevant election news, hot political topics, and candidates by tapping on the new section. One can access 2018 Midterm Elections section from a signpost across the top of the For You tab, or through Top Stories and the Spotlight tab.

Without being biased to any political party, Apple News’s 2018 Midterm Elections section will feature all quality news from an assorted mix of publishers. It includes The Conversation, On The Ground, Fox News, Vox, Axion, and others.

“An election is not just a contest; it should raise conversations and spark national discourse. By presenting quality news from trustworthy sources and curating a diverse range of opinions, Apple News aims to be a responsible steward of those conversations and help readers understand the candidates and the issues,” Kern added.

Apple 2018 Midterm Elections

Find exclusive highlights, analysis and coverage from trusted sources. Source: Apple

The Conversation

It offers a compilation of opinion columns about hot and current issues. It recommends readers a holistic range of subjects and debates about important topics from news stations that they may not be already following.

On the Ground

It provides quality reporting on the issues that matter most to the local citizens.

Other Exclusive Features

In the new section of Apple News, the readers will view a dashboard titled, Election Now from The Washington Post. This dashboard will publish key themes by contextualizing important data like current polling, pundits’ opinions and survey data on voter interest.

Apple News will also feature a weekly briefing from Axios covering analysis of the most important developments as the primaries open out.

Further, Politico’s “Races to Watch,” will also feature in the 2018 Midterm Elections section of Apple News. This theme of Politico will oversee at a collection of races providing imperative themes and trends to voters.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS12 public beta version is available for download from today. The new software update is designed to make the iPhone and iPad work faster and in a more responsive way.