Looking for the perfect gift for your bike-a-holic friend? Well, we’ve found a smart helmet that is designed to help prevent an accident from happening in first place.

The helmet, Lumos Matrix, is nothing less than a flash of brilliance. It was released on Apple’s stores on Wednesday, October 9, and comes in two colors – black and white.

Lumos Matrix helmet retails for $249.95.

Eu-wen Ding, co-founder and chief executive of Lumos Matrix, said the helmet is designed to solve the modern commuter’s problem. While traditional designs address problems such as weight and aerodynamics, the Lumos Matrix fixes niche problems.

Lumos Matrix helmet

It comes with urban design – it has bright lights on the front side of the helmet and a 7 by 11 dot-matrix, animated LED panel on the back to alert drivers to the electric scooter or bike rider’s presence when cycling in the dark. It has turn signals and automatic warning lights on the back to alert people when the rider is turning or slowing down.

Apple Now Sells Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet

Biker riders can activate those bright lights in two ways: by attaching a touchpad to the bike handlebars or through an Apple Watch app that could detect their hand signals. The Apple Watch app allows bikers to adjust the flash frequency and the light’s brightness.

Lumos Matrix Apple Watch app

The helmet has a cumulative brightness of 1000 lumens, which is twice as brighter as the previous ones. Bikers can also customize the animation on the LED panel with different signals to promote road safety. The smart helmet’s battery life can last an average of 10 hours.

Apple has previously launched similar helmets. The Lumos Matrix is an upgrade from the previous Lumos helmet with its futuristic design and function. This doesn’t mean the helmet makers forgot about comfort. The latest helmet comes with two sets of padding for the most comfortable fit. It also had an adjustable retention system for female riders, which allows them to pull their ponytails through quickly.

Other accessories added to Apple’s official website this week include an iPhone-connected kettleball with 6 weight options, an iPhone-mounted LED light for improved photos and videos, the Meetbot 2.0 programmable robot for kids, the Native Union Drop XL wireless charging pad, and more.