The patent published by U.S. Patent and Trademark office this month outlines Apple’s plans on coming up with the Wearable battery charger. The patent describes two designs for the wearable battery charger which might get implemented in near future. The first one shows that the charger is embedded into the wristband and the second one is about the charger attached underneath the chassis of the Watch.

Apple Patents Wearable

Apple Watch 2

The company had been pushing hard on the specifications and features in Apple Watch 2. In comparison with the Watch 1, the second series has a lot of excellent features.

The Apple watch 2 has extremely opulent chassis and even high Watch3.0 processor which convinces you to give it a thought for sure. In addition to this, it has an accurate GPS, water resistance capability( up to 50metres of range), heart sensing facility, pulse sensing light underneath chassis, 8GB storage capacity, a very bright display convenient for quick-time check and 13 hours of battery life with normal usage.

Apple Watch 2 Lag-behind

Despite all these unique specs, the Watch 2 lagged in satisfying the users with the battery life. With heavy Watch usage the battery lasts only up to 5-6 hours, according to the users’ feedback. Since, Apple Watch 2 has been very much successful with its rest of the functioning as well as in term of its uptown appearance; the company would be now making attempts to resolve their customers’ battery issue.

All About The Wireless Battery Charger Patent

The patent has been published under the heading of ‘Charging apparatus for wearable electronic device’. It notes that the charger would be compact and easily attachable.

Additionally, the patent described about the use of ‘heat-dissipating’ circuitry to protect the users from burning. It also has an inductive element in the battery-module for the purpose of transmitting power to the smart watch. The battery-module could be plugged-in whenever it is not in use to recharge it. The wearable watch charger will be using magnetic charge point for the rapid snap-off/snap-on.

The battery life of the next smart watch series will be looked-up precisely by the Taiwanese company Quanta who is responsible for manufacturing the Apple smart watches. It seems a witty step by company’s side; trying to assure its customers by releasing the patent as an indication to resolve their complaints of battery life.

There are certain instances in the past; Apple Company after releasing the patent hasn’t put it to execution, whatever may be the reason. We are looking forward for the further announcements and launch of this wearable watch charger’s patent. Let us seek whether Apple is really concerned or not.