To make our world fit in our palms, the smartphone manufacturers have developed ways and techniques for ages now. At present, we have everything in our phones, from a contact list, MS office, social media platform, online banking, online shopping, calculators, to weather forecasts and maps; everything, literally on our palms. For a past few we are also seeing Apple Inc.’s growing interest in the healthcare industry. Apple medical info is not limited to just tracking calories. Apple is expanding towards heart-rate calculator, speed tracker, diabetes management, and more with its Apple Watches and iPhones. Even more, it is planning to integrate medical info on iPhone.

apple plans to store all medical info on iphone

When it comes to the medical lookout, it is a critical aspect and we can face emergency at any moment. At times it really becomes difficult to go through various files and folders to search for one special medical record. Also, logging in to apps or your clinic’s website in the time of urgency seems like a tedious process. Now wouldn’t it be great if we could store every history, every record, every prescription, on our phone and instantly get it whenever the need arises? Well, our dear Cupertino company is really working hard towards making this wish a reality.

Centralized Medical Info on iPhone

apple plans to integrate all medical info on iphone

Recently, a report on CNBC revealed that Apple is now working towards making its iPhone a hub to store all your medical information and records. By planning to store all the medical info on iPhone, it’s becoming like a Central Bank regarding all your health information, as per CNBC.

medical info on iphone

According to this report, there is a secretive team within the tech company’s health unit. This team is in talks with various industry groups, hospitals, and developers for bringing the medical info on iPhone. This data includes allergy lists, detailed lab results, etc. which users can share with third parties like health developers, hospitals, and doctors.

CNBC notes that Apple Inc. is trying to recreate in the health industry what it previously did in the music industry. Apple’s iPod and iTunes saw record-breaking success by replacing traditional items like MP3s and CDs. The company is also looking at startups for a potential acquisition in the space of cloud hosting which can fit in its plan.

Betterment of Medical Community

Farzad Mostashari said that if Apple is serious for this thing, it would be a really big deal. For the Department of Health and Human Services, Mostashari is the former National Coordinator of Health IT. He is also the co-founder of Aledade, a medical startup.

Apple Inc. with this move of medical info on iPhone aims to tackle one big problem. That is of data-sharing which the medical community is surrounded by for years; reports CNBC. We really wish that Apple comes up with something positive for the betterment of medical community.