Apple is planning to release about three new Mac desktops and laptops with custom co-processors, the ‘T’ series. The information was released by Bloomberg after speaking with an insider from Apple, who is familiar with the plans. Following up news for the latest MacBook Pro with iMac Pro and Touch Bar, Bloomberg reports that the upgraded Mac models with new custom co-processors will include (at least) one new desktop and fresh (two) laptops – that’s about three computer units.

The co-processors proposed are most likely going to be replicas of its predecessors, the ARM-based chips, which perform dedicated functions in Mac computers. Just like in MacBook Pro with T1 and T2 co-processors in iMac Pro, that manages Touch Bar utilities and power management respectively.

It should be noted that Apple is designing these processors using a license from partnerships such as the one with ARM, which offer them the opportunity to fabricate and produce the processors anywhere they choose – Apple does not manufacture the processors from scratch.

New Macs to expect in 2018

We can learn about the new Mac desktops and laptops embedded with co-processors that should be out in 2018, from all the speculations and reports. The expected MacBook Pro is inarguably a reincarnation of the existing module with several redesigns, architected for pro customers’, brought forward by Apple before the end of 2017.

MacBook Color Options

We ready know about plans to upgrade ‘doggy source’ for this year’s MacBook laptops. More of our expectations also depend on how we value the new co-processors proposed; a major upgrade or nothing fascinating.

The newly proposed co-processors may only depict a lot of contradictions if compared with a recent report regarding upcoming MacBooks, which opines that Apple could dump the existing 13 inches MacBook Air for a new one – “13 inches entry-entry level laptop without Touch Bar.” This means we would soon see a new 13 inches laptop with a similar price to the MacBook Air to fill the void when the withdrawal is done. Also, Apple has promised a new Mac Pro – we are still anticipating more information.

Redesigned MacBook Pro and 12 inches MacBook models seem to be the only ones we are very sure of for now, and the previous models which already have been outdated by the latest 8th-generation processors. But releasing at least three new Macs as revealed by Bloomberg is a message we need to take to heart, we can afford if the 12 inches MacBook is skipped this year to ensure the delivery, they are not power-dependent as the MacBook Pro line.

Releasing the proposed new Macs (at least three) means the year would be very exciting for MacBook and Mac computers in 2018. There has been no update from Apple in MacBook Pro line for many years after late 2016. While we are expecting that one of the new Macs join the list of best Macs in 2018, many hopes are high that other features such as the screen be upgraded at a fair price that can compete with most windows-powered MacBook Air.