Leading tech company Apple recently released new iOS 14.2.1 with several fixes for the iPhone 12 mini. The company stated that the new solutions would address the iPhone 12 mini lock screen issues becoming unresponsive.

The iPhone 12 mini was officially launched on Friday. However, many users reported sensitivity issues with the lock screen soon after its launch. Users also reported issues swiping up from the bottom of the lock screen when they try to unlock their phone and issues with the flashlight and camera buttons. It’s unclear as to what caused the lock screen issues.

However, Apple finally found something that it could fix immediately, though users hope the update release would resolve their issue with the new phone.

Apple Released New iOs 14.2

New iOs 14.2 update for iPhone 12 mini

According to Apple, the iOS 14.2.1 for iPhone update will also fix issues that occur with specific MMS messages not being received and address sound quality issues in some Made for iPhone hearing devices. Users can download and install the new software release on their phones and access it from the Software Update menu in the phone’s Settings app.