As the importance of gadgets is increasing in our lives, news related to such appealing pieces of technology has become a field of interest now. And if the gadget belongs to one of the reputed companies in the Silicon Valley, then anticipation about any of its gadgets is expected. Same is the case in terms of Apple Inc. Be it the smartphones or music players or laptops, each and every product by Apple is met by the curiosity of gadget lovers. In this range of gadgets, one of its most profitable products is the MacBook lineup. If speculations are to be believed, we will soon witness a transformation in this laptop range.

Apple Inc. has annual revenue of $216 billion, out of which almost 11 percent is contributed by the MacBook lineup. This range of laptops has had a stagnant position in the market even if other products had their highs and lows. Counting on this, the tech giant has decided to make this range even more attractive. For this, certain specs of the laptop will be meddled with for a more efficient product. But there are rumors which suggest that this update can also be in order to compete with the latest laptop by Microsoft which was released this month. Experts believe that all Apple needs is a little push and it can easily surpass this competition. This is with regard to the fact that the MacBook Pro has been one of the top laptops of the year.


Apple Inc. has annual revenue of $216 billion, out of which almost 11 percent is contributed by the MacBook lineup.

What kind of alterations will we see in the MacBook lineup?

It is a common practice for Apple that it launches any new products or upgrades usually at annual conferences. Same is the case with the upgrade of the MacBook lineup as well. It will unveil this updated range of laptops at the WWDC to be held this year in June. One will come across an upgraded MacBook Pro that inherits a faster Kaby Lake processor from Intel Corp. This 12-inch model will get a faster Intel chip whereas the 13-inch MacBook Air will come with a new processor. Also, it has been a while since MacBook Air refreshed its display. It seems that now is the time when it will do so.

There is also a possibility that Apple might add a second USB-C port to the MacBook lineup. The most attractive feature of this upgrade is that one will find a new Touch Bar on the laptop. There will also be regular upgrades such as a better CPU, more RAM, and storage. Apart from the upgrades in the existing models, the company may also unveil a new model. One can witness a 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a Siri-powered smart speaker at this conference. How many of these features are true can only be known on 5th June 2017.