Apple Inc. is on a marathon of updates. Subsequent to release of iOS 11.3, Pencil support to new iPad, new Apple Watch, Apple released the highest-version OS for MacBooks and iMacs, macOS High Sierra. The updated macOS 10.13.4 supports external graphics processing unit (eGPU) and restructures data storage system.

Under a year of stepping into virtual reality (VR), Apple identified the limitation of its inbuilt graphics card of an enhanced visual experience. Metal 2 technology installed on macOS High Sierra boosts GPU capabilities to the highest level by improving features like machine learning, VR, and eGPU support. People dwelling in the creative space of professional applications, 3D gaming and augmented reality content creation are on the advantage with the macOS 10.13.4 update.

macOS High Sierra: eGPU support

Apple eGPU support is available for MacBook Pro notebooks made in 2016 and after, iMac computers launched in 2017 and later, and iMac Pro. The external graphics support on macOS High Sierra will be operational only with the recommended graphics card and Thunderbolt 3 chassis which can generate enough power to run the card.

With a history of limited functionality in Apple products, the macOS 10.13.4 update is not an exceptional case. The eGPU does not work in Windows using Boot Camp or when iMac is under macOS Recovery or installing system updates.

Nevertheless, the eGPU steps up the performance of the professional applications that need multiple GPUs setup.  Further, the thrill of 3D games and VR apps also get stride up when an external monitor or HTC Vive VR headset, is attached directly to the eGPU for the respective purpose.

The built-in display of an iMac or MacBook Pro may get enhanced for pro applications and 3D games. In this case, the capabilities of apps and games must be accelerated by the respective developers, as mentioned on the company site.

macOS High Sierra eGPU

macOS High Sierra supports eGPU and restructures data storage system

More on macOS High Sierra Upgrades

Other than eGPU support, macOS High Sierra adds Business Chat conversations to Messages in the U.S market and provides web link previews in Messages. To fortify and make the privacy matters transparent, a new icon will appear in MacBooks & iMacs.  When hinted to submit personal information, an icon will be displayed on the screen which directs to a page giving a description of how the available data will be used and protected. Few graphics issues occurring in iMac Pro are rectified. Surfing on Safari has become smoother. macOS High Sierra lets the users sort Safari bookmarks by name or URL and allows switching to the right-most opened tab by pressing Command+9. Again, when browsing on non-encrypted web pages if any interaction happens with credit card information or passwords, warnings emerge on the Safari Smart Search Field.