A new Apple TV 4K is about to hit the stores and users are counting days of its release. Though it’s only the pre-order days, the much-awaited flagship gadget has already turned out to be the toast of the tech-town. This comes right after the bull run of Apple Watch Ultra and expected to garner huge sales across geographies. Twitter is almost booming with numerous posts around it and you must be looking for an Apple TV 4K review. 

The initial feedback is quite positive as of now and we are gradually experiencing a mad rush for the all-in-one next-gen streaming device. Apple has taken meticulous care in crafting the third generation of Apple TV and it seems that the latest offering is a massive upgrade over its predecessors of the same name, which were released in 2017 and 2021 respectively.

Hence, a detailed Apple TV 4K review was called for by our readers, as its sales become live from November 4, 2022. Here it is – Technowize guides you through the journey with the new Apple TV. 

Apple TV 4K Features

The new Apple TV 4K also supports Apple Fitness +. [Image Credit: Apple]

Cinematic than Ever

The all-new third generation Apple TV 4K appears to be the stuff that dreams are made of, so far as movie buffs are concerned. One of the principal features of most of the feedback till date, happens to be the fact that it brings Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Arcade together along with the lion’s share of the popular streaming apps, globally. 

Thanks to the luminous presence of A15 Bionic chip, which engineered the success run of iPhone 13, the new Apple TV effortlessly manages to edge past its previous variants in terms of overall performance. Alongside the A15 Bionic chip, it comes with intuitive controls, coupled with a hassle-free, smooth interaction with your other devices and smart home accessories. 

Apple TV 4K Features: Much More than TV

Apart from the premium AV content of the Apple TV app, you can explore endless TV shows and films from a wide range of over the top streaming platforms including Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max and many others. You can enjoy live TV, catching live sporting actions from a host of leading broadcasters. 

Apple TV 4K Features

You can easily pair the new Apple TV 4K with your Apple Arcade account to play your favorite games on a large screen. [Image Credit: Apple]

The stunning Apple TV 4K features allow seamless compatibility with Apple Fitness+, Apple Music and Apple Arcade. Therefore, many of the Apple TV 4K reviews on social media, hailed the device for unleashing an immersive gaming experience courtesy of its easy to sync nature with Apple Arcade. People from the global gaming community praised its features, which pave the way to connect it with your favorite controllers like PlayStation and Xbox Wireless controllers. 

On the other hand, the device allowing you to access your iCloud Shared Photo Library and have a look at your favorite photos with your family members, has fetched positive feedback on various social channels. 

In addition to these features also facilitate you in tuning to your favorite playlist on Apple Music. It’s indeed a big plus for the melody enthusiasts and finds mention in many of the Apple TV 4K reviews. Meanwhile, you can use HitPaw, the seemingly best Apple Music converter to ease out things even further. 

The official launch date is November 4, 2022 and the pre-orders have started already. When it comes to Apple TV 4K price, it differs a bit – the one with the Ethernet facility has a price-tag of $149, whereas the other costs you $129. This would serve a massive boost to the Cupertino-based tech-giant, before it lines up with the anticipated new Apple products in 2023