If you have an Apple Watch, then you know the joy of having a device that can accompany you everywhere. You can set up fitness goals and track them from your wrist. You can also use it to check emails, texts, and other notifications without taking out your phone.

Here, we will explore useful Apple Watch 6 tips and tricks that will help make your smartwatch more efficient!

Apple Watch 6 tips and tricks

Apple Watch 6 tips and tricks are here to help you make the full use of your smartwatch.

Siri Wrist Motion Activation

Do you use the Siri commands via the Apple Watch? The Series 6 has a new feature for this, you lift your wrist at any time and give your Siri command without having to say “Hey Siri.” With the wrist motion, Siri will automatically know it’s all right to listen. You do not need to unlock the Watch as you give your commands or ask questions. It’s so easy.

Reliable Battery

Fast-charging support for high-wattage chargers has finally been offered. Now you can speed things up for your Watch. To take advantage of this fast charging, use the 10-watt charger brought alongside the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 6 tricks

Always-on Display

First, compared to past Watches, the always-on display is much brighter. Apple must have done this on purpose to make things easier to see at a glance. Surprisingly, you need not do anything to enable this, and you enjoy it. Second, there are direct control capabilities to the always-on display. You can also tap things for basic features without having to unlock the Watch. That means you can access your notification center, take a closer look at a message, and open up the Control Center, all at the moment.

Muting the Apple Watch

To put your Watch in silent mode, you swipe up from the bottom of your Watch and tap the bell icon.

Updating an Apple Watch

To be sure you’re working with the watchOS latest software, you click on the settings app>General>Software update. Now, to download/install the new software update, make sure your Watch has access to WI-FI.

Hard Resetting

Until the Apple logo appears, press the second button and the digital crown for about 10 seconds.

How to Turn On the Apple Watch

You press and hold the side button right below the digital crown to power on your Watch.

Apple Watch 6 tricks

Turning off The Apple Watch

You press and hold the side button as you swipe the power off option on the menu.

Hiding Watch Apps

To hide apps from showing up on your Apple Watch, go into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and move to the My Watch section. Next, scroll down to the installed-on Apple Watch section. Next, click on the apps you’d like to delete by moving to the off position. Now, though you’ve removed the Watch interfaces, those apps will remain installed unless you delete them from the device.

Finding Your Iphone with Your Watch

Can’t find your iPhone? Don’t fret; the Apple Watch can help you find it. First, from your Watch screen, swipe up to activate Control Center. From there, tap the Ping iPhone button in blue to have it make a sound.

Accessing Zoom and Voice Over

Do you Want Zoom or VoiceOver to be quickly accessible on your Watch? To automatically activate Zoom mode or VoiceOver, you can turn on the triple-click Accessibility shortcut. To do so, visit the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then go to My Watch > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut. From here, you can choose which you’d like to activate.

Taking a Screenshot

Want to have a memory of that Digital drawing? Easy! You can take a screenshot on your Apple Watch by simultaneously pressing both the side button and Digital Crown.