Apple is a pioneer when it comes to smartwatches.  The company has so far been remarkable and thriving in the space for its premium upgrades in hardware and integrated software, third-party support across its Series 6 smartwatches. The watch has been upgraded with an A14 processor, which Apple states are 20% faster than its predecessor. However, the most significant upgrade is the addition of a blood oxygen sensor.

The Series 6 Watch is tough to distinguish from its counterparts, and also is much cheaper. The most significant visual change in the smartwatch is the introduction of new colors. The watch is available in colors standard Gray and Gold and the new color range of Blue and (Product) Red. There are additional tweaks to the watch in form of a larger screen area. There are also the new Solo Loop bands that give the device a different look.

The Apple Watch Series 6’s neat new feature, the blood oxygen monitoring, uses a series of LEDs on the bottom to gleam infrared and red light through the wearer’s skin and into the person’s blood vessels. The color of light that reflects will show the watch a report of the oxygen levels in the wearer’s blood. The entire process takes around 15 seconds. However, this feature works only if the smartwatch fits right into the wearer’s wrist.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch series 6 all set to woo you with fancy features.

These premium upgrades in Apple Watch series 6 will make your life easier and faster.

The smartwatch also takes readings of the person throughout the day and night and then reports these trends into useful sleep readings. The task will show a good picture of the person’s development and health tracking and has a combination of sleep tracking and the onboard oximeter, which effectively tracks sleep apnea. This feature is pretty essential but gives useful reports to the wearer.

The report metrics include time in bed and time asleep, deep and light sleep track. It also incorporates heart rate figures from the sensor’s regular check-ins. REM sleep tracking hasn’t arrived yet. There is also a mindfulness reminder that gives meditation reminders to the person. The new Fitness+ also plays a significant role in the growth of the smartwatch’s health category.

There is the ECG monitor on the Series 6 that delivers proper medical assessment at an FDA-approved level. The wearer needs to check the reports manually. VO2 Max is another remarkable indicator of the cardio-respiratory health of the person. However, the person cannot measure their VO2 max based on activities or workouts but should reach a run, hike, or walk. It is because Apple’s algorithms use GPS as a critical component for measuring.  Apple will add a new upgrade by the year-end wherein it will add a notification to alert the wearer if their VO2 max drops to a significantly lower level.

Apple also conducted useful improvements in terms of energy efficiency, with the new silicon. The battery life is officially a full-day” and up to 18 hours. Apple has maintained an all-day battery in the Series 6 and cut down charge time, and earned a 20% faster processing speeds than the Series 5. This improvement is due to the better efficiency of Apple’s latest S6 system-in-package (SiP) tool. The speed up processing helps the device to charge faster.

Apple stated that the Series 6 would take 90 minutes to set from 0-100 and around one hour to get from 0-80% compared to the two-hour 0-100 for the Series 5 smartwatch. However, Apple needs to work upon that front. The latest version of watchOS in the Series 6 smartwatches lets the user know before if the smartwatch doesn’t have enough charge to live up through a full night. There is also a new update in the form of an always-on Altimeter.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review

The activity tracking feature on the Apple Watch has been excellent, and it is no short of that in the Series 6 watches. The activity tracking feature offers tracking modes for running, cycling, swimming, playing, Pilates, and many more activities. Most of these activities provide the minimum tracking level of an “open goal” that records the workout duration, calories burned, and the person’s heart rate.

The new to the activity list includes dancing, functional strength training, core training, and post-workout cool-downs. Apple has upgraded the sensors to quantify the person’s energy expenditure during workouts and gives significant tracking results. The tracked data of activities are laid out in the new Fitness app.

One of the newer features of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the Handwashing tool, which is at present integrated into the Health app for the person to track the washes and durations. This feature responds to the sound of “squishing soap” and running water by starting a 20-second timer for cleaning the hands. It also nudges the person to wash thoroughly.  The WatchOS 7 also has several new stock watch faces.

The new faces introduced are the cute Memojis and Animojis, and more additional features like Chronograph Pro and Countup face that tracks monsters.  There is also the Family Setup feature in the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch. This feature allows the non-iPhone users to connect and use an Apple Watch if they already have a family member who operates an iPhone and buys a cellular-equipped Apple Watch Series 4 or a later version. Apple aims this feature as an excellent option for kids and seniors.

The Apple Watch Series 6 as a whole has cool new improvements and upgrades to the watchOS that makes it one of the best-selling smartwatches in the market today.