Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is a yearly event that takes place in Northern California. The event is typically held in June and lasts for about a week. This year’s Apple WWDC 2022 was no different.

Every year, Apple invites thousands of developers to attend the conference and present their latest projects to an eager audience. Although this year’s WWDC had an exception, it was streamed online and had few developers and students attend the in-person Apple WWDC 2022 keynote at the Apple Park due to the pandemic.

So let’s get down to it: what happened at WWDC 2022?

The keynote was hosted by the tech giant, Apple, who announced its Apple WWDC 2022 highlights with the new OS versions for all Apple devices: iOS, watchOS, iPad OS, macOS, and even a new M2 Apple silicon chip.

The Apple WWDC 2022 keynote lasted for over two hours, with Apple showcasing the different operating system updates for its devices and their fantastic features. Apple also revealed that the Tap-to-Pay and Pay Later features will be released this month.

Apple WWDC 2022 keynote

What will iOS 16 bring?

The Apple WWDC 2022 display shows that iOS 16 will bring a lot of new features. Here are some Apple WWDC 2022 highlights:

  • The new iOS 16 will come with more personalized features for widgets and the lock screen. This way, you can organize your screen to your taste.
  • Also, Apple announced that the beta version of this update will be made publicly available in July.
  • iOS 16 will also not support some versions of the iPhone anymore. Some of which include the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, and iPhone SE. It will support the later versions after this.
  • The iOS 16 update will also feature Face ID for locking your recently deleted and hidden albums.
  • Fitness tracking won’t only be provided for the Apple Watch alone because iOS 16 is bringing this feature to iPhones and you can use it without the watch.
  • It will also come with a feature that enables you to easily share your pictures with family and friends as an album.
  • Another fantastic feature is that you can now finally see your WiFi network password.
  • With its messaging apps, iMessage and Apple mail, you can now edit and unsend messages after they have been sent.
  • iOS 16 will also enable tracking abilities that users can use to track their orders.

MacOS Ventura

At Apple WWDC 2022, the company also showcased a new Mac operating system for its Mac devices. This operating system is called MacOS Ventura. It will offer the following features:

  • With the new macOS, since Mac devices do not have an excellent webcam for your meetings or video calls, you can now use your iPhone’s camera to do them instead.
  • The Apple WWDC 2022 highlights also revealed that MacOS Ventura will not support Mac versions launched before 2017. This means that only versions launched from 2017 to present can have these updates.
  • Users will have access to time and weather apps on their Mac devices.

iPad OS 16

Apple WWDC 2022 also featured the new iPad OS 16 for its iPads. Some of the highlights include:

  • The best of the iPad OS 16 features will be limited to M1 iPads only. Apps, for example, will be able to use the iPad storage as virtual RAM.
  • iPad OS 16 will feature a new lock screen for iPads.
  • The Apple WWDC 2022 keynote also revealed that the iPad OS 16 will also introduce the weather app.
  • There will also be an improvement in multitasking on iPads.

Watch OS 9

Some of the highlights of the watch series include:

  • Watch OS 9 will not be available for Watch Series 3 anymore.
  • There will be four new watch faces, which include the Metropolitan, Astronomy, Lunar, and Playtime.
  • It will also feature more enhanced health tracking for its users.

MacBook Air and M2 Processor

The Apple WWDC 2022 highlights also revealed that MacBooks are definitely getting an upgrade as well, with the launching of a faster and more reliable chip, the M2 chip. It is said to be much faster than the M1 chip. It will also provide up to 24GB of storage capacity. MacBook Air is also getting a new design with its new colors, the new M2 chip, and many more exciting features.

The MacBook Air also comes in a sleek blue color, which is referred to as midnight blue. It is slated to cost $1,199, while the MacBook Pro will cost $1,299.


Apple WWDC 2022 definitely showcased a lot of exciting features for many of us, and we can’t wait to have them released to our devices.