The headstrong rivalry between the world’s two biggest smartphone dominants – Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics, is nothing new. The South Korean smartphone giant knows exactly when and how to hit Apple and the latter shares the same strategy. Apple is all set for its most anticipated next-in-line iPhone 7 release. Everyone is too excited for Apple’s biggest launch of 2016. Aficionados, tech analysts, market, investors, competitors, and shareholders are looking forward to this week’s release. Articles are flooded all over the internet featuring iPhone 7 release, specs, etc.

But, just when we thought that Apple was stirring the heat, we had another thing coming – Samsung smart flip phones. The leaked images of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 have taken people’s undivided attention from Apple. However, it doesn’t mean that iPhone 7 launch is not trending. But let’s just say that people have got something more to be excited about, too.

Smart Flip Phones by Samsung

As we all know, Apple is not introducing any major overhauls this year apart from a few changes. In such situation, Samsung’s sudden explosion is certainly bound to grab the eyeballs away from Apple.

Relive 2000s With Samsung Galaxy Folder 2

Smart Flip Phone

Credit: TNW

Who wasn’t attached to those flip phones which were available on the market in the 2000s? Those were the days. We used to love the flip models. These days, however, every model looks almost identical in the frame. The same old touch screens with a small home button. But Samsung is about to change the new norms. The South Korean behemoth is ready to dominate the market once again with the brand new smart flip phone.

As per the leaked images available on Weibo, Samsung’s flip phone takes us back in the days of Motorola Razr. It has Razr’s gold-plated feel. In other words, Apple is striving in the future with the absence of headphone jack. Whereas, Samsung, on the other hand, is planning to pay homage to the glorious era of flip phones with Samsung Galaxy Folder 2.

Galaxy Folder 2 – Specs

The smart flip phone will arrive with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version on board. Certainly, it lags behind recently introduced Android N, but it still remains ahead what a majority of users are currently using. Folder 2, according to Weibo, will have a 3.8 – inch touch-enabled display, of course. Moreover, the device will sport a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor. It will be coupled with 8GB internal storage and 2GB RAM. Apart from these features, the phone will have 8MP rear and 5MP front camera, microSD slot, and a 2,000mAh battery.

Galaxy Folder 2- Price

This upcoming Samsung phone will be available for purchase at around US$250. But the sad part is, Samsung is not planning to release this phone anywhere apart from China. Such news certainly arrives as a bummer for all the flip phone lovers across the Pacific. These lovers have been waiting for the re-emergence of flip models ever since Motorola teased the comeback of Razr. Let’s hope that Samsung reconsiders its decision on this flip phone’s availability.

The original Folder 1 was only available for sale only in South Korea.