The Cupertino giant has filed a trademark recently for Apple Night Shift Mode Technology. The trademark has been filed both in the United States and Hong Kong as the company looks further to introduce Night Shift Mode for Mac and CarPlay along with other Apple devices. The trademark application for Apple Night Shift Mode was filed under 303823227 in Hong Kong.

Apple’s Idea of Night Shift Mode

The technology is nothing sort of a new discovery as there are already free third party apps available in the market. As it appears, such apps are capable of minimizing blue lights or dimming the lights altogether in a device. But, it seems Apple Inc., wants to move past other companies trying to catch up with the trend. Minimizing the exposure of blue light during the night time has been proven great. It helps in reducing eye strain and allows individuals to sleep easily.

Apple Night Shift Mode was introduced in the iPad Pro that was launched in March 2015. If you happen to be an Android user, you’ll be definitely aware of such apps floating around on your Google Play Store. In this case, Apple is not the first tech company to apply for a trademark on this idea. But, it’s important to realize that if the trademark application is approved, it’ll keep other companies at bay from using any similar technology in their future devices.

Currently, the Night Shift Mode uses the Geolocation and Clock of iPad Pro to determine the exact time to dim the device’s lights. To execute this task, it depends on time zones. The trademark application filed by Apple in Hong Kong suggests that the feature will soon be extended to Apple products. If all goes well, you’ll notice the feature in Apple Car (when it arrives), Macs, and other Apple products.

Also, there are some benefits of using the feature in iOS 9.3. In the Night Shift Mode, the darker shade of light indicates that the battery could possibly consume less amount of power. It would eventually be translated into receiving a better battery life, though, marginally.

Night Shift Mode

The fascinating thing in the application filed for the trademark is that the company intends to expand their coverage of Night Shift even to electronic notice boards and extinguishers. Possibly, it indicates that Apple will certainly sue anyone who is trying to make an app or a product, which would lower the screen lights of the device during the night time or when using the device in the dark.

Apple users can lower the brightness of their iPads and iPhones using the effect. Also, there are other applications for both Android and iOS platforms that perform the same task as Night Shift mode, but for free. The Apple’s trademark application surely intrigues majority of individuals as they could turn out as a patent troll, which tech industry could start hating themselves. So far, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth has not announced its plan regarding their trademark application officially.

Meanwhile, Android Marshmallow’s developer version too had a similar feature, which worked as Night Mode. Eventually, the idea was dropped in the final version. But, a feature similar, Night Shift Mode for Android N seems to be joining the party soon.

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