Tech giant Apple plans to unveil a vast range of subscription bundles along with the new iPhones this October. The subscription bundles are internally referred to as “Apple One,” though this might not be their name after the official launch.

The subscription bundles will consist of different tiers, starting with a basic combo plan of Apple Music and Apple TV+. The more expensive subscription will have Apple Arcade, and the high-end priced subscriptions will have Apple News+ and an extra iCloud storage subsequently for the tier above that. The high priced bundles will also include an as-yet-unseen fitness subscription service offered exclusively from Apple. This fitness service will have virtual classes and workouts accessible for fitness enthusiasts through an iOS app and on Apple TV, similar to Nike and Peloton’s services.

Apple One

Apple One vs Apple Prime

According to the report, the bundles will be marketed aimed at the families, and the subscriptions will have Apple’s Family Sharing system. This means that a maximum of six individuals can access each subscription service. Also, purchasing the subscription bundles will be much cheaper than buying the individual services of Apple. For example, if a family subscribes to the entirety of Apple’s vital services and the highest iCloud storage tier, that will have to pay around $45 per month. A new bundle can tick off more than $5 from that.” this means that the subscription bundles will save the customers up to $2-5 each month.

Apple One vs Apple Prime

In addition to these subscription bundles, Apple also plans to offer newer software and hardware combinations, like giving off a free year of Apple Arcade and the purchases of an Apple TV streaming box. However, it is reported that Apple doesn’t plan to include any monthly payment plans for the iPhones or Macs with the subscription bundles.

There is no confirmation or specifics on the pricing of these bundles or the bundle’s exact configuration. The details may change before the bundles are unveiled later this year.

Earlier, there have been reports doing the rounds of Apple’s plan to offer subscription bundles since 2018. However, these reports seem more sure now. In July last, a code was found in iOS 13.5.5 that referred to both a “bundle offer” and a “bundle subscription’. In 2019 Apple company also experimented with a subscription bundle explicitly meant for students. That bundle consisted of Apple Music and Apple TV+.

Apple has significantly focused on recurring revenue from its services business over the last few years, individually as sales from smartphones division. As Amazon came up with Amazon Prime, which bundles together a faster delivery timeline and streaming music and video, subscriptions can provide a fixed income while locking customers into an organization’s ecosystem. Once a person purchased Prime, it makes sense to order more services and products from Amazon. Apple’s subscription bundles are somewhat similar and aimed at doing the same for its services and hardware.