There are hardly few months to go until the upcoming iPhone 7 release. Increasingly, it seems as if the Apple’s next-in-line smartphone will have a minor upgrade. Users anticipating a revolutionary product in the concept of iPhone will perhaps have to wait until the iPhone 8 release date. Many analysts are now suggesting that Apple CEO Tim Cook will probably skip the model of iPhone 7S in order to favor the branding of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 release

Image: iPhone 8 Concept

The upcoming iPhone 7 release will play a strong role in re-energizing Apple’s falling iPhone economy no matter what others have to say about the product being lame. The iPhone 7 is sure going to be a powerful smartphone contender, which will attract plenty of customers. But, the recent rumors circulating around the iPhone 8 features probably may push consumers to anticipate the iPhone 8 release instead of buying the iPhone 7 model.

Barclays also claims that Apple will choose to release iPhone 8 on the iPhone anniversary next year so that fans of Apple will already be wondering about what the behemoth intends to unveil under the name of this appellation.

Apple is trying to pull its best, especially after the recent happenings i.e. the decline in iPhone sale, falling iPhone economy, and most above all suspension of iPhone 6 sales in China. China reportedly holds its position as the second highest revenue generator for Apple and a strong setback from China means a lot to the iOS giant.

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Already, investors, shareholders, and customers are unhappy with Apple’s recent progressions. The iPhone 6 Plus, especially, turned out to be a blunder for Apple. And, at the same time, the success of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge spelled doom on the Apple’s smartphone economy.

What Apple needs now is a strong comeback product, which we doubt iPhone 7 could ever be considering iPhone 8’s rumored features. Apple is focusing on iPhone 8 to make it one of the grandest and the most revolutionary product to release since the demise of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

We’re all aware how Steve Jobs was responsible for releasing back-to-back revolutionary products. We aren’t saying Tim Cook hasn’t, but let’s admit the fact that under the leadership of Mr. Cook the revenue and growth have increased marvelously, but the pace of innovation has slowed down. And, innovation being the basic element of Apple’s foundation, needs to be dragged back in the corporation.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has understood the importance of innovation very well after going through a hard time in last two years. This is why the efforts to make the iPhone 8 has been increased by a fairly high amount. If rumors are anything to go by, the iPhone 8 is getting all the features, which are going to make the device extraordinary.

We’re going to cover details regarding 10 – year anniversary of Apple’s iPhone line-up. In the article, we’ll cover possible iPhone 8 features and specifications along with design elements. Stay tuned with us.