Flip phones seem to be a trend that is coming back in style. However, before you rush out and buy one, it’s essential to know why flip phones are better than other options. Let’s look at the pros and cons of flip phone usage and what features make them so popular.

How Much Does Flip Phones Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much a flip phone costs? The answer might surprise you. According to Dell, a typical flip phone starts at around $25 and can cost up to $200. Many factors determine the price of a flip phone: carrier, brand name, whether it is used or new, and if it has unique functions such as built-in digital cameras or Bluetooth capabilities.

An article from 2009 lists Motorola’s ‘Flipout’ (a basic flip) smartphone for Verizon at $80 with a two-year contract ($149 retail).

flip phones

Flip phones are worthy if you want the best battery life.

Pros of Owning a Flip Phone

  • Flip phones are the best option for people who want a phone with excellent battery life and don’t mind opening their phone up often. For example, flip phones may suit you if you only use your camera infrequently and would rather have better battery life than frequent photo-taking.
  • They’re easy to hold onto as well since they fit nicely in most hands, making them suitable for children or older people who need something more durable that’s easier to grip. Plus, many models come with screens designed just large enough, so it’s easy on the eyes regardless of age, making it easier to read messages, etc., without straining one’s eyesight too much.
  • Another cool feature is quick texting capabilities like auto-correction because it’s easy to make a mistake on a flip phone, and you don’t want to have to delete your whole message for one typo.
  • Along with quick texting, many models also come preloaded with the most popular social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. This makes it easy to follow friends and family who might not use flip phones because you can still keep up-to-date on their lives without needing them to text back all of the time.
  • The price is lower than most cell phone carriers out there, making them very attractive to someone looking for an alternative option that won’t cost much money monthly.
  • Flip phones also help people disconnect because they’re much more manageable than smartphones when it comes to social media connectivity which helps reduce anxiety levels by reducing the “fear of missing out.”

Cons of Owning a Flip Phone

  • They might not be the best for people who travel a lot and need their phone to be more compact.
  • Not everyone is satisfied with them as there are better options on the market today, so you will most likely want an upgrade sooner or later.
  • The lack of Internet connectivity can sometimes lead to frustration, primarily if you use your smartphone mostly that way rather than making calls etc.
  • They might not be the best for those who enjoy using applications from time to time as they can offer more convenience and functionality.
  • The camera quality is usually not that good, making them less desirable than modern smartphones. So, you will probably want a better one if it’s essential for you.
  • They might not be the best for those who need better battery life, as many smartphones can offer this today.
  • Also, there is no touch screen, so you will have to use buttons instead, which some people don’t like.
  • It’s pretty hard to troubleshoot these types of phones since they are so old and used so infrequently anymore!
  • People also find it inconvenient to carry two different phones around, and trying to use both simultaneously is not an easy task. Plus, teenagers (the most common consumers of smartphones) do not like flip phones as they don’t want retro-looking or outdated.
  • Lastly, people believe that due to newer technologies such as Siri making phone calls easier through voice commands, many users would prefer this system over a traditional keypad.


So, should you consider getting a flip phone? It depends on what your priorities are and if they match with how these phones work in general! If yes, then go for it but make sure it’s a good one supporting all of the latest technologies because otherwise, it won’t do much good!