If you are searching for the best processor for gaming, there are a lot of options. We know that processors are the “brain” of the computer and they make your computer game-ready. You need to take into consideration several aspects when looking for the best CPU for gaming. 

One of the most relevant aspects is the price. You do not want to put a cheap CPU into the high-end computer and expect it to work well. You need a balance between the quality of the CPU and the quality of other components like coolers, memory capabilities, and other options. 

Buying the Best CPU for Gaming 

We’ve made a list of affordable gaming CPU solutions that can make a difference in your gaming. Let’s see the best choices when it comes to Intel and AMD CPU solutions. 

best processor for gaming

Intel Core i5-12600K supports the maximum power rating for Intel processors of this type.

Intel Core i5-12600K

This Intel Core i5-12600K is the best Intel CPU for gaming because it combines the price and functionality in the best manner. This CPU comes with six threaded P-cores, and the operation is based on 3.7 / 4.9 GHz. This gives the CPU the speed that you need in demanding games. At the same time, there are four E-cores that run at 2.8 / 3.6 GHz. In this manner, we get a total of 16 threads. 

The processor supports both DDR4 or DDR5 memory. If you want to go with the regular DDR4 memory, you will enjoy the classic gaming experience. However, if you want a little bit more excitement with increased memory use, you can always go with DDR5. 

This CPU comes with a power rating of 150W, which is the maximum power rating for this type of Intel Core processor. The chip delivers much more gaming performance than its counterparts and it sucks less power. For all these reasons, this Intel Core i5-12600K represents the best Intel CPU for gaming. 

best CPU for gaming

Building a high end PC for gaming might be a demanding task, but once you make the PC, your gaming experience will be much better.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

The best Ryzen CPU for gaming is AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, and the reasons are numerous. This CPU beats even the latest generation of Intel Core i9-10900K when it comes to performance and capability to deliver a fast response. It is also the best power-efficient processor that the users ever tested.

This CPU is well-rounded and can handle any type of gaming. You can use it for demanding performance games and with high refresh rate monitors that add dynamics to the games. You can also use it for everyday operations where the huge workloads are the usual situation at home or at work. The CPU will deal with this workload easily.

This AMD CPU for gaming has a 3.7 GHz base and it all comes with a 4.6 GHz boost clock. The chip has a rating of 65W TDP, which makes the chip very cool and quiet. Overall, this is not the fastest gaming CPU that you can find on the market, but it is the most versatile of all. You can play some really demanding games on your computer with this CPU and you can do it with ease. 

Best Gaming CPUs: What we think

If you want to get the best gaming experience, you need to get the best CPU for gaming, but you need to think about the other components as well. Building high end PC for gaming might be a demanding task, but once you make the PC, your gaming experience will be much better. 

Besides the most adequate CPU, you must think about the other components, like coolers and motherboards. If you manage to make a PC for gaming, you will experience a new level of gaming. Now you can choose the best processor for gaming and enhance your gaming experience in the best manner.