ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) builds processors which are used in many of the day-to-day devices. The latest trend in the development of mobile processors is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. During last year’s Computex, ARM had introduced processors which could help in a better Virtual Intelligence (VR) experience. Now that in the current scenario, as AI is the boiling trend; ARM showed up with processors especially built for AI. ARM’s new processors designed to boost the machine-learning processes, were announced at the Computex, in Taiwan.

ARM’s New Processors List


arm's new processors

New cores for new AI experiences everywhere (Picture Credits- ARMCommunity)

This new processors is an update to the Arm’s existing A53 processors. But, as it is in the list of ARM’s new processors, the company says that it is almost 2.5 times more power efficient than the A53 one. Notably, both these processors, A53 and A55 use the new DynamIQ technology. This technology aims mainly at focusing on the machine-learning and AI technology. Significantly, this technology can be used in games, phones, self-driving cars and much more. With the help of the DynamIQ technology, ARM’s new processors will be able to work more efficiently.

The DynamIQ technology allows using up to 8 totally different cores; you can pair up extreme powerful cores with the mid-range and low-power range ones. This depends on where these teamed cores will be used.

Cortex-A75 CPU core

arm's new processors

A system-level approach for distributed intelligence (Picture Credits- ARMCommunity)

A laptop level performance without releasing more power than the existing mobile processors is what the company wants to deliver with ARM’s new processors, specially the Cortex-A75 CPU core. A-75’s older version, the A-74 core also has a great performance level. But the chip making company says that the latter one will show a 50 percent boosted performance in comparison to the A-73. This new processor aims to work well with machine-learning processes running on smartphone devices.

The performance on smartphones is optimized with the help of behaviours that is based on algorithms. So if the chips get better and more efficient at machine-learning processes, certainly there will be a deeper insight into the behavioural patterns.

Mali-G72 Graphics Core

arm's new processors

Mali-G72 Machine Learning efficiency (Picture Credits- ARMCommunity)

The A075 CPU core is definitely a big take on pushing chipsets towards the AI direction. But there is even more, and that is the Mali-G72 graphics core; the updated version of the company’s G-71 graphics core.

The G-72 is for obvious reasons, more power efficient than the G-71 processor. Not only this, ARM says that it is even 17 percent more efficient and better when it comes to various machine-learning processes. This processor, in the list of ARM’s new processors is packed with a list of benefits like the ability to handle better hard-core games along with great VR experiences. Engadget reports that this will be a benefit for the device makers who want to embed more intelligence into their devices, making it great news for them.


The company has announced its ARM’s new processors at the Computex, in Taiwan. But as a matter of fact, this is just an announcement as the new processor chipsets will not be available in 2017 for use in devices. As per the report on Engadget, users will have to wait till 2018, for these new processor cores to start seeing their usage in the devices that users can actually buy.