It’s rare to see a gaming company tell its players to take a break but that’s what the devs recommend for players bothered by the Helldivers 2 crashing issues. Arrowhead, the game behind the largely successful Helldivers 2, is known for its frequent updates and improvements, but it is also known for its blunt honesty. When the game was initially launched on February 8, 2024, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt urged users to wait to purchase the game until they fixed the issues they faced with server overloads. This time as well, while the company works on coming up with a fix for the Helldivers 2 frequent crashes, players have been urged to “let democracy lie for a few days.” But what caused the Helldivers 2 game stability issues in the first place?

Helldivers 2 crashing problems

Image: Steam

Helldivers 2 Crashing Issues Frustrate Players

After a patch update that arrived last Tuesday, April 2, the Helldivers 2 crashing problems rose significantly, creating an uncomfortable situation for players who wanted to engage in interplanetary warfare. Now the issues don’t center around specific actions triggering the crash only—players have had some trouble with the game crashing even at launch. There are probably a couple of bugs in the game that need to be ironed out, but Arrowhead mentioned one known instance of the crashes in their patch notes for Patch 01.000.200.

The company mentioned that the “Game might crash when picking up a snowball or throwing back a grenade,” identifying a problem for the next patch to address instead of delaying putting out the update. If you’ve been facing Helldivers 2 crashing issues while picking up snowballs and throwing grenades, maybe don’t do that until the game fixes itself. The company already identified and issued a Helldivers 2 frequent crashes fix notice for “ a common crash which occurred when accessing the Acquisitions menu.” If you’ve updated the game since then, the problems of crashing during Menu access will no longer be an issue.

Helldivers 2 frequent crashes fix

When Will Helldivers 2 Hotfix the Crashing Issues?

Arrowhead has not made any official announcements of when we could expect to see a fix for the frequent crashes that Helldivers 2 players have experienced. There is no timeline in place but the developers are likely working on it as we speak. The reason we know that the company is aware of the issues is that community manager Twinbeard used the game’s Discord server and subreddit to let users know that a hotfix for the crashes is coming but that it would take a while to arrive. The post asked users to “hang in there or perhaps let the game rest for a while” until the Helldivers 2 crashing problems could be addressed.

It’s generous of the company to acknowledge the issue but the informal notice in a space where it could be easily missed is something that has annoyed players. The Discord space is one that players access for more casual discussions and community experiences so the platform does not necessarily hold up as a great spot for companies to make announcements that significantly affect players in-game experiences. Still, the update does put the majority of players at ease knowing that the company has acknowledged the issue. 

Sportskeeda suggests some common fixes for the Helldivers 2 crashing issues on the PC, such as verifying the file integrity, disabling the steam input, and updating the graphics drivers. These solutions may give you a better chance of being able to access the game without crashes during startup, but a solution isn’t guaranteed until the developers of Helldivers 2 hotfix the crashing issues.

Helldivers 2 Teamkill Threats Annoys Players Who Mange to Access the Game

The Helldivers 2 crashing problems are only one aspect of the chaos within the community. Arrowhead released a new in-game cape to mark the ‘Malevelon Creek Memorial Day’ and instead of embracing the item, some players have taken it as a kill-on-sight sidequest instead. Taking their dislike for the Malevelon Creek map too seriously, many players have decided that “Creekers” who flaunt the cape and continue to focus on the planet will be kicked from teams or killed for representing the chaos of the map.

The group of players insisting on this playstyle have left irate gamers fuming in their wake. Some have dusted off the silliness of the move while others have found it exceedingly annoying to see others try to dictate how they play the game. We haven’t heard any concrete numbers of how many people are actually taking the teamkill strategy seriously, but we’d like to think they make up only a smaller part of the community. 

The Helldivers 2 crashing issues are a more serious problem for now, so players await the devs to take some measures to address it first. The “Major Orders” and time-locked events in-game are details that keep players coming back to the experience regularly, so taking a break might not be on their list of things to do. Hopefully, we’ll have Helldivers 2 hotfixing the crashing issues quickly.