We live in an age where artificial intelligence acts like a magic potion in terms of progress. Almost every other problem can be partially or fully solved with the help of AI. Up until now, this would happen in the technology sector in particular. But the effects of AI are now visible in the business sector as well. A Harvard Business Review study stated that the companies which use AI have attained a 50 percent increase in sales. It seems that technology has an answer to everything, even boosting your company sales. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.

3 ways to improve sales with the help of artificial intelligence

1.     Better services

It is not enough to simply provide the commodity that the client has asked for. A company earns a reputation in the market only if it provides adequate customer services. This is where artificial intelligence comes in handy. When such interactions are done by AI, they provide 90 percent more satisfaction to the clients than when humans do the same. Due to this, the human workforce could be put to use for more complex tasks. AI also helps in conducting sales planning sessions in an analytical manner. This would help in coming up with policies with negligible error rate. It is important to note that AI won’t take over the job of a salesperson but only enhance his productivity.

Artificial intelligence

A Harvard Business Review study stated that the companies which use AI have attained a 50 percent increase in sales.

2.     Analyzing unstructured data

Currently, marketers are facing an issue in parsing unstructured data. In layman’s language, it means they have all the data they need but are unable to make sense of it. Unstructured data basically consists of information that are of different types hence they can’t be measured on the same medium. This makes it extremely difficult for humans to analyze such data. It also takes up a lot of time and is laborious in nature. Artificial intelligence can do the same task efficiently and that too with minimum human supervision.

3.     Helpful to small businesses

No company is huge when it’s launched. It has to start from scratch. This also means that a startup initially lacks adequate stuff. This can affect the productivity of the organization. But budding entrepreneurs may not have sufficient resources for the same. What if you found a way to ensure productivity without the need for a huge workforce? Yes, artificial intelligence helps you do this. As long as you can’t afford to hire too many people, hire people for jobs which need human intelligence. Other mechanical stuff can be taken care of by AI.