It is difficult to predict, especially the future. But, as 2016 draws close, we believe an razor-sharp analysis of the trends and technologies that are shaping the world, and what each one of those foreshadows, may help us make grounded decisions about our business and lives in the year to come. So here goes, a list of tech trends in 2017 – and whether or not they survive the storm of digital disruption is entirely on the hands of the consumers.

Tech Trends in 2017

Artificial Intelligence Development

AI tech trends

Many believe AI threatens to take away our jobs. But, if AI exceeds human performance and continues to take away low-paying, low-risked jobs, then isn’t that a good thing? On the other hand, more and more people are optimistic that AI will make humans more efficient and more effective. Take, for example, the AI chess programs, which have helped make human chess players much better. In the future, it can help us become better doctors, better teachers, better pilots, and better judges. In other words, AI is going to help mankind get better and better, and not destroy it.

Virtual Reality

VR tech trends

The year 2017 points a shift wherein developers will seriously start thinking about making VR social. By adding a social component (bringing real connections), whether it is interacting with an AI character or a person playing a game, VR will increase our link to the virtual world and make it seem more emotionally authentic.

Moreover, VR app developers and headset makers will find more ways to build friend-oriented social networks so everyone will want a AR/VR headset. Come 2017, VR will give people a new way to connect around movies, games, and puzzles.


gene editing tech trends

The arrive of CRISP-Cas9 technology has garnered increasing interest around gene-editing. Stem cell companies will move towards pioneering clinical trials. Scientists have used it in the past to create genetically engineered monkeys, and in the comings months, the technique will be used to generate a new form of gene repair in humans. There’s a lot happening in the gene-editing space, as startups including CRISPR Therapeutics and Intellia Therapeutics plans to use it to correct DNA disorders that affects children and adults.

Voice Interface

Amazon Echo tech trends

Alexa, Siri, Cortana – This is only the start. Soon, voice will emanate from every piece of technology. It will play Aerosmith and Metallica on command. It can order iced coffee and chicken salad from your favorite Deli. Soo, a warm, soothing voice will be ready to fulfil your commands. By 2017, 30 percent of our interactions with technology will happen through conversations with smart machines.

This brings us to the end of our list. What are your views about? Let me know in the comments below; I would love to hear your opinion.