The UK-based food AI start-up has acquired the Germany-based competitor, Avocando. Whisk posted this announcement yesterday on the company website. No financial information on the acquisition is disclosed. However, as TechCrunch predicts, Whisk is acquiring the technology, customer base, integrations, and the entire team of Avocando along with the founders.

The European digital grocery market is accelerating at a quick rate. More numbers of shoppers are exploring the benefits of e-commerce grocery shopping for personalized nutrition, planning and purchase options. Thus, the food industry players are continuously searching ways to attach recipe content to grocery retailers.


Top: Nick Holzherr (CEO, Whisk), Viktor Taranenko (CTO, Whisk). Bottom: Hendrik Wermser (CTO, Avocando), Chrisoph Marx (CEO, Avocando), Jan-Henning Jestädt (COO, Avocando)  Source: – The World’s Most Advanced AI Food Engine, a smart food forum, is primarily utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to empower smart digital food applications and make recipes shoppable. Founded in 2012, the online platform bridges the gap between digital food content and retailer’s shopping carts.

Together with AI, utilizes deep learning technology to connect the world’s recipes, products, and shopping choices and delivers seamless food experiences to its customers. Whisk team handles over 100,000,000 user interactions per month.

The largest players in the food industry ranging from Amazon to Walmart, Instacart, Tesco, Asda, and Woolworths have partnered with The digital food company has an extensive presence in the USA, UK and Australia.

European Smart Food King – Avocando

On the other hand, Avocando is the top player in the European market of making recipes shoppable at grocery retailers. Launched in 2015, it connects Internet of Things (IoT) applications to grocery retailers in Germany, Austria and across Europe. Avocando operations

Avocando’s operations structure.  Source: Avocando

Over two dozens of the world’s premier publishers including Germany’s largest recipe publisher, Gruner + Jahr have partnered with Avocando. Europe’s largest IoT companies, recipe publishers, retailers, brands, superior kitchen-appliance manufacturers count in as Avocando’s customers.

The European smart food arm, Avocando embraces 600,000 shoppable recipes with a monthly reach of over 20,000,000 shoppers across Germany and Europe. Around 500,000 shoppers regularly engage on the platform.

Leveraging the benefits of Acquisition

“We’re delighted to build on a strong year of growth with this deal. With grocery eCommerce in Europe accelerating, it makes a lot of sense for both Whisk and Avocando customers.”  – Nick, CEO of Whisk

By acquiring Avocando, Whisk will now have a prominent presence in Europe, too. Nick, CEO of informed that the combined market of Germany, France and Spain embodies a bigger digital grocery market compared to the individual contribution of the USA or the UK. The European shoppers have the highest online recipe usage per capita figures in the world. will also leverage the benefits of its AI technology to Avocando’s customer base. Even the companies that do not have a reach beyond Germany will also gain from the acquisition. They can now integrate with Whisk’s international grocers and publishers.