Amazon’s $100 million investment in AI education through its AWS segment, has put the tech giant at par in the realm of generative AI, with its industry contemporaries, Microsoft and Google. The long-term strategy of AWS in generative AI development is to build a program for Cloud AI training. Through AWS’ investment in generative AI, customers will be able to learn to develop and deploy novel kinds of artificial intelligence products by linking them to AI and machine learning experts. 

The generative AI market, where AI models create new texts, images and video by analyzing an endless volume of data, is expected to flourish by 42 percent by 2032 – a whopping $1.3 trillion market

Amazon AI Education: AWS’ Generative AI Investment

Amazon Web Services’ $100 million investment in AI will be used in constructing the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. Amazon’s step towards AI education will prove high-yielding for its clientele spanning across manufacturing, financial services, and health care. These AWS clients will be able to build AI applications customized to their needs. The innovation center will beckon the interests of Ryanair, Lonely Planet, Twilio, and Highspot as its first users. 

Amazon's $100 million investment in AI education

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The intention behind Amazon’s $100 million investment in Cloud AI training is to sell more cloud services by persuading clients to switch to AWS to build new generative AI applications. This decision is to compete with Microsoft’s Azure, which even got a head start following its partnership with OpenAI – the company famed behind the viral ChatGPT. At this frontier, even Alphabet’s Google had been pioneering technology as an early bird, though its chatbot Bard has faced criticism. 

“We are bringing our internal AWS experts at no cost to a wide array of significant AWS customers and help them turbocharge their efforts to go beyond the talk and get real with generative AI.”

With the deliverance of OpenAI’s image generation software DALL-E and language model ChatGPT in December, tech giants are headed at full speed to encash upon businesses looking to integrate AI with their products and services. 

When Amazon unveiled its line-up of generative tools earlier this year, the reception felt warm and incomplete. Apart from long-term employees terming the launch as uncharacteristically vague, customers who tested the generative AI tools, dubbed them as unsatisfactory. Many AWS users speculated if Amazon had launched the AI tools only to catch up with Google and Microsoft. 

Amazon has refuted claims of the generative AI tools as rushed and has urged customers to test the technology and give feedback. About its position in the AI race, Amazon executives believe that the tech giant has always championed a long-term view of the world, more than any other company and does not need to validate a conversation about three steps in a 10k race.