JBL, Sonos, Bose, Beats, and various other companies are in the competition to create high-end modular speakers. There is no shortage of wireless speakers in the market; as speaker manufacturing companies are always coming up with new designs. Imagine placing music speakers as a wall art to deck up the interiors. Many of you will get into a debate about how speakers are not meant for interior decoration; and that it can disrupt the contemporary decor of the house. Recently, Bang and Olufsen introduced new speakers in its BeoSound series, named BeoSound Shape; which will change your perceptions about modular speakers completely.

The Beosound Shape is designed in such a chic and artistic way that you can mount it on your wall as wall art; and it claims to be equally functional. The BeoSound Shape Speaker system has an array of hexagonal shaped units. For a basic level of sound output, you need minimum six modules of BeoSound Shape; but if you wish to decorate your wall with fancy art you can increase the number of modules according to your choice for up to 44 units.

bang and olufsen beosound shape speakers

Different Fabric Color Options of Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Shape Speakers

The Denmark company also allows you to customize these wall speakers as and how you want with a varied range of fabric color options; that include exclusive Kvadrat wool fabrics, such as Black, Brazilian Clay, Infantry Green, Parisian Night Blue, Pink, Dark Blue, Moss Green, Brown, Wild Dove Grey, and Purple Heart.

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Shape Speakers’ Specifications

BeoSound Core Connectivity

The Core connectivity hub will let you stream the music of your choice directly from your tablet or smartphone through a Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay.

Multi-room Collection

These wall speakers are a part of Bang and Olufsen’s multi-room collection. This product range allows you to connect different wireless speakers’ throughout the house; and then connect them in to one multi-room audio system.

All-in-One System

BeoSound Shape claims of being more than just one speaker; that boasts of being a fully wireless system with almost 44 individual speakers. Even though its focus is on being a fully wireless system, it does have some inputs for line-in or Ethernet connectivity.

The Denmark company states that BeoSound Shape speakers create a ‘band on the wall’ music experience; giving you the feel of live or concert type music.

Kit Inclusions

The base Kit of BeoSound Shape includes 8 hexagonal tiles which have – 1 Amplifier, 4 Speakers, 2 Acoustic Dampeners (sound absorbing), and 1 housing (for the Core).

Moreover, you can expand this speaker system up to 11 Amplifier units; wherein each unit supports 4 Speakers, totaling to 44 units.

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Shape Speakers Price

new bang and olufsen beosound shape speakers

BeoSound Shape Speakers

If Bang and Olufsen boast of an amazing modular designed set of speakers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that its price is also amazingly high. According to The Verge, a base kit of BeoSound Shape starts from approximately $4,266. Certainly, you can expect an even higher price tag for adding more units into the system.

It is expected that the Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Shape will be on sale starting from August. Additionally, people can sign-up on the Bang and Olufsen official website from now itself, to get notifications about the custom configuration tool, and live pre-orders.

For those who want to show off a high-end contemporary interior, these modular speakers will definitely become a chic add-on to their home spaces. While for those who are more inclined towards music rather than looks; can of course check out for more available options in the market in a comparatively lower price segment.